PR Unboxing Video - Erzulie Cosmetics Mineral Makeup, Some By Mi Korean Makeup & Skincare, Firmoo Glasses

Hello everyone! I received three PR packages in the mail, so I filmed unboxing/opening them up on camera for you. One PR package was from a Korean makeup and skincare brand named Some Bi Mi; another was from a mineral Etsy brand called Erzulie Cosmetics, and the last PR package was from an online eyeglasses brand named Firmoo

PR Unboxing Video

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BeautynetKorea Unboxing Online Shopping Video Haul #1 - Buying Korean Cosmetic Makeup 한국 메이크업을 샀어요

Hi everyone! I love Korean cosmetics, so I bought some makeup from an online Korean department store website called BeautynetKorea. I unboxed/opened up my order on camera and did some swatches to share with you all. 

Unboxing Korean Makeup Video

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Interested In Health & Beauty Coaching? Learn About Teeth, Hair, Nails, Makeup, and Vital Medical Health Research

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The 411 All You Need To Know About Food Poisoning - Bacteria That Causes It, Symptoms, How To Prevent It 12 Tips For Prevention

Food poisoning is very common, and everyone reading this has likely had it several times, though you may not always connect it to your food since the symptoms can vary greatly. Most of the time when I have had food poisoning, my symptoms were fairly mild; they were limited to a headache and an extra trip to the bathroom. So, if I didn't pay careful attention to all of the changes happening in my body when I eat, I would not have likely ever connected my sicknesses to the food that I ate. 

Recently however, I had one of my worst bouts of food poisoning. The symptoms were severe, so I felt that I might have to get my stomach pumped. I had everything from knife-like pains going through my stomach, diarrhea that lasted days, to weakness, fatigue, and constant nausea. So my sickness was definitely caused by food poisoning. Plus, the symptoms started only a few hours after my last meal, so the cause was very obvious to me. So today, I want to use my experience to teach you about food poi…

Teeth Health: Tooth Break, Chip, Split, Or Crack? What Are They? What Are The Differences Between Them? How Do You Get Them? How Are They Treated?

With the lifestyle and habits that people have today, it is nearly impossible not to break or chip a tooth these days. For some people, their profession can even lead to many lost and broken teeth. Boxers, MMA/mixed martial arts fighters, and professional football players are at great risk for head, face, and teeth injuries. For others though, constant regular dental work can weaken teeth, as well as eating foods that commonly cause teeth breaks and cracks such as caramel popcorn, hard candies, banana chips, crab legs, shelled pistachios, ice, and very crunchy crispy meats.

Unfortunately, the modern lifestyle today is very much against teeth today, so cracks, chips, splits, and breaks happen very often for most people. Many people also have a hard time understanding which they suffer with, a crack, a chip, a split, or a break. So what are the differences between these four? What are their symptoms? How do dentists treat each one? These are the questions that will be answered today.


2019 Halloween Night Out October 31st At The Park At 14th - The Life of An Event Organizer

Halloween in 2019 was crazy! Many people celebrated it two weeks in a row, and some people went out that Friday and Saturday after Halloween as well. I celebrated Halloween the weekend before it, and then again on Halloween day. 

My friend Anya and another girl who joined us on Halloween day, named Maykayla, went out again the day after Halloween to celebrate the holiday some more. Unfortunately, I was still exhausted from going out on Halloween day, and I still was not feeling well after the food poisoning that I got the weekend before Halloween, so I bailed on that outing. 

Halloween day though was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed seeing all the unique costumes that people wore and how restaurants and bars decorated for the holiday. Anya also chose a great place for us to celebrate the holiday; she chose The Park at 14th. 

The Park is a nightclub that I have gone to many times before in the past. It is always crowded with several full floors and people dressed to death. It is a really cl…

2019 Yokai Movies, Workshops, Snacks, Fun, and Games At The SCETA Japan Center - The Life of An Event Organizer

The day after the Halloween Dupont Circle bar crawl and the night out in Adams Morgan, I also organized another event only a few days before. This event brought out a good number of people, despite that it was organized on short notice. Seven people came out to this event, which was held at the SCETA Japan Center. Since I speak Japanese and love Japanese culture, anime, and manga, I always try to make it out to Japanese events in my area. So when my friend Rika-san told me about this event at the SCETA Japan Center, I decided to invite people out to it and create an event for it.

Unfortunately, my stomach was a problem still from eating the undercooked meat while I was out celebrating the Halloween bar crawl the night before. As a result, I had to take a lot of natural medicines before going to this event, which did stop the food poisoning symptoms for a short time, but after about an hour/hour and a half or so after arriving at the event, my energy level went down a lot and my stomach…

2019 Weekend Before Halloween - Night Out In Adams Morgan & Dupont Circle Bar Crawl - Life of An Event Organizer

The weekend before Halloween, I organized an event for a  Halloween night out! The event was kind of last minute, but a good number of people came out regardless! Five of us got together to participate in a special DC bar crawl for the weekend before Halloween. 

To celebrate this year, I decided to dress up in a Japanese anime-themed yukata paired with kanzashi (a long Japanese hair pin accessory) and an anime-themed double-sided woodenhand fan with 2 different anime images on the back and front.

The ticket that we paid for the bar crawl would get us into 12 different bars and clubs. The bar crawl actually started really early in the day at 1 pm; it went until midnight, but you could go back into any club that you got into before midnight for the bar crawl for free to party until that bar or club closed at about 2:30 or 3 am. 

1 pm was far too early of a start for me and the people that I got together for the event, so my friend Anya and I started the bar crawl together at 10 pm, and the…