2019 U.S. & Worldwide Global Food Recalls & Contaminated Pet Foods - Have A Safer Thanksgiving This Year

Happy holiday everyone! Tomorrow is the long-awaited Thanksgiving! Many of you will likely be out and about today buying foods and groceries in preparation for the meals you will prepare for friends, family, and guests on Thanksgiving Day. So, in order to help your Thanksgiving holiday go more smoothly, we will share with you all some important recalled foods for this year, 2019. 

One of the worst possible endings for the holiday would be for you and your loved ones to come down with food poisoning because you unknowingly bought food that contained bacteria that made you all sick. Unfortunately, the list of recalled foods is very long this year, so here are the most important ones that you all need to know about this year.

Worldwide Recalls
1. Sweden: Organic tomatoes - Salmonella

2. Frozen tuna from Vietnam - Scombroid/Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning

3. Sushi in Chile - Salmonella
Pork tongue in jelly in France - Listeria

4. Shellfish in Norway - E.coli & Heavy Metals

5. Worldwide listeria e…

Product Review: Vegan Kosher Cruelty-Free Glitter Shimmer & Iridescent Eyeshadow Palette - Perfect For Spring, Summer, & Valentine's Day - Coupon Code Available

Hello everyone! With holidays coming up, I find myself reaching for a lot of pink eyeshadows, so I thought, this is the perfect time to test out some holiday eyeshadows. Thus, the eyeshadow palette that I will review today is a vegan, kosher, cruelty-free, handmade eyeshadow palette by a popular brand with over 1,400 admirers, called Monique Boulé.

In the past, I bought three eyeshadow palettes from Monique Boulé, and I loved all of them! I also feel close to this brand because both of our businesses were slowly growing around the same time, so we kind of grew together over the years; we shared some of our ups and downs with each other, and we became friends. So, I am very happy about this brand's success. 

Monique Boulé's eyeshadows have always been excellent quality, so she totally deserves the sucess! I am also very excited to try her new eyeshadows and formula. So, without further ado, let's start this review!

Cost: Monique Boulé's eyeshadow palettes cost $60-$65. You…

5 Methods, Day & Night Routines To Help Reduce Acne And Reduce The Length and Frequency Of Breakouts

We all suffer from acne sometimes, even the healthiest of us. After all, acne is very contagious and we are constantly being bombarded with germs and parasites that can cause rashes, Rosacea, pimples, zits, Eczema, and many other skin conditions. 

"Most acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads are caused by parasites living on the human face and body.  Getting rid of the parasites by using natural topical treatments can stop acne in 3-4 months" ("Human Parasites Cause Acne, Pimples, Blackheads & Whiteheads? Yuck!", 2015, Vex Dex, Cision PR Newswire). 

Many Americans choose not to believe that Americans have parasites. There was a lie going around for a long time that parasites are only something that people in underdeveloped developing countries get. These days though, people are wiser, and recognize this lie for what it is. 

"Parasites aren't just a problem for people living in developing nations. A growing body of evidence suggests well over 60 million …

Product Review Göz Farı Ürün Yorumu: Turkish Makeup Cosmetics Türk kadının Makyaj ve Kozmetik - Farmasi Eyeshadow Eye Pigments

Herkese merhaba! Nasılsınız? Hi everyone! How are you guys doing today? I hope you all enjoyed the Halloween holiday 🎃! Today, I am going to do something exciting that I have been planning for a while now! I will be introducing Turkish makeup and cosmetics/Türk kadının makyaj ve kozmetik!
I want my blog to bring together some of the best aspects of beauty and fashion from different cultures and parts of the world. So far, I have introduced Japanese fashion, and U.S., Indian, and Korean makeup brands and cosmetics. Now to complete this blog, I will also introduce Turkish makeup. 

So why Turkish specifically? I watch a lot of foreign films and dramas, and out of all of them, Korean, Turkish, and U.S. film makeup really impressed and wowed me the most. I love quality, and Korean makeup has been at the top best for a while now, but recently, I feel that Turkish makeup has actually surpassed Korea in terms of lip makeup. Since I want to have the best products portrayed on my blog, I absolut…