My 4 Favorite Eyeliner Styles - 2 Natural Makeup Looks & 2 Intense Eye Looks

When it comes to makeup, eyeliner is by far a do or die for me. I could have no other makeup on my face at all, but as long as I have eyeliner on, I feel like I can take on the world. The reason for this is because I very much feel that eyes define our faces more than any other feature on our faces. Our eyes show our personality; they are the window to our soul. So for me, lining my eyes is putting who I am, my personality and traits, more out there for the world to see. It is like putting my best self forward into the world. So of course, I have developed a preference for certain eyeliner looks. So here are four of my favorite eyeliner looks.

Natural Single Line

This look is great for everyday wear. I love to pair this eyeliner look with a bright red or dark brown lip. You can make this look even more natural by pairing it with a pink or nude lip. 

Creating this look is very simple and definitely easier and less irritating than tightlining because all you do is draw a single line above …

My Top 5 Favorite Korean Cuisine - Restaurant Food Dishes

Korean food is one of my favorite types of food, and there are many different dishes to try. The reason I love Korean food is because it tends to be spicy, and I love spicy foods. I also really like it because I feel it is healthier than many American foods since their dishes are made with a lot of red pepper, garlic, spring onion, chili, ginger, and vinegar. I have tried many different Korean dishes, but out of all of the different ones that I have tried, a select few became my favorites. These dishes are my top five favorite Korean dishes of all time.

Korean barbecue 통구이
Korean barbecue is amazing. The meat tends to be very fresh, and the sauces that come with them make Korean barbecue stand out and very memorable. When you go for Korean barbecue, there is a stove top on top of the table at the center. The meats you order are then brought out and cut up for you. They are then cooked on top of this stove top right in front of you. You, or the server, will turn the food as it cooks so t…

Harajuku Fashion Walk Event #2 DMV Harajuku Washington DC U.S.

I attended my second Harajuku Fashion Walk recently, so I wanted to share it with you all. If you are not familiar with Harajuku Fashion, it includes a variety of fashion styles from multi-colored hair, goth, punk, rock, kawaii (cute girl), lolita (European and Victorian style clothing), gyaru (tan dark skin & wild sexy clothing and makeup), Japanese traditional mixed with Western (traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono and yukata paired with Western clothing like jeans and heels), cosplay (dressing as anime characters), to Visual Kei styles.

At the Harajuku Fashion Walk I attended this time, we walked around a beautiful classy part of DC called Waterfront. We got a beautiful view of the water and sailboats, and got to walk around a very lively part of DC where music was playing and there were event TVs outside playing sports games.
There were four main fashion styles present at this fashion walk:



Modern Japanese Style Dress


Here are the group photos:

Of co…

K-beauty Clio Professional Gelpresso Eyeliners In Blue, Purple, Brown, & Black - Product Review

If anyone asked me what my favorite eyeliners are, I would say, "kajal eyeliners and the Clio Gelpresso eyeliners." When it comes to eyeliners, I expect good quality ones to have good pigmentation, and be dark and opaque; I shouldn't be able to see my skin underneath the eyeliner. Since the Clio Professional Gelpresso eyeliners are one of my favorite eyeliners, and have been for years now, they do meet all of my expectations, and more. So I am going to review these eyeliners for you today and show you how they look on the eyes with eyeshadow, and without it.

Clio Professional Gelpresso Eyeliners

The original version of these eyeliners (they ones I have), come in 18 different colors:
Beige ShineGolden KhakiDark ChocoStar PurpleGolden BlackChic NavyBloody SweetBloody AngelBloody Devil Black BrickBlack CherryBlack PlumMetallic Silver Jade GreenHawaiian OrangeDeep Sea BlueReef GreenGold Shine

Clio has a new version of these eyeliners, and they come in 14 shades:

Pink ShineGilded …