8 Tips To Help You Try To Avoid and Prevent Getting Coronavirus

Hello everyone! I hope you all are still safe and well! With some countries reopening states, I felt that it is imperative that everyone be even more cautious, and take important precautionary measures to try to avoid getting the virus/COVID-19. However, what should we do exactly to prevent getting Coronavirus? Here are 8 tips to help you stay safer and try to prevent getting the dreaded fatal Coronavirus.

1. Never let a stranger into your home without them wearing a mask

This is a really important rule to follow. I made the mistake of breaking this rule twice, and each time, I got sick. The first time this happened, a handyman came to my home and I got a cold that lasted about 3 days. The second time this happened, I felt very ill for about a week, and then the symptoms became mild for about 3 more days after that. 

In each of the cases I mentioned, the handymen did not wear a mask. The problem with this is that a handyman may go to as many as 50 different people's houses each week,…

What Exactly Is Coronavirus? The Truth About Coronavirus, Questions Answered, Debunking The Lies

Coronavirus is the new scary word that everyone hears about on every TV channel, and which strikes fear in peoples' hearts. Coronavirus is the modern-day world killer. It does not discriminate; it affects women, men, babies, pets, wild animals, and people of all religions and ethnicities. We all hear about Coronavirus constantly on the news, but what is it exactly? There is so much false information about this virus out there, so today, we will give you information about what Coronavirus really is, as well as denounce some of the lies that exist about it.

1. What is Coronavirus exactly?

Coronavirus is a respiratory illness, so it affects the lungs, the throat, the chest, and the ability to breathe. It is a virus, but it can also come as a form of SARS. There is some debate about whether viruses are particles or parasites, but we believe that they are very small microscopic parasites that are smaller than bacteria. If you look up the definition of a parasite, viruses match that descr…

Product Review: Natural Organic Chemical-Free Hemani Herbal Kajal In Black

Hello everyone! With all the chaos going on in the world today, I have been simplifying my daily makeup routine; I have been opting for a simple BB cream, kajal liner, and eyeshadow. I have also been trying out some new kajal liners, since I am going through them faster. One of the new kajal liners that I used is an organic one, which is the one that I will review for you today. This is the Hemani kajal eyeliner in black, which is a natural, organic, and chemical-free eyeliner pencil.

Cost: Kajal eyeliners cost between $3-$6, depending on where you buy them.

Ingredients: This kajal eyeliner has a simple ingredient list with less than ten ingredients.

Full Ingredient List

Smell: This kajal liner does have a smell; it smells like incense. 

Smudgeproof: This kajal is not smudgeproof.

Waterproof: When this kajal eyeliner gets wet, it runs like non-waterproof mascara, so it is not waterproof.

How This Kajal Looks On The Eyes With Eyeshadow

How This Kajal Looks On The Eyes Alone Without Eyeshadow


Product Review/Göz Farı Ürün Yorumu: Golden Rose Terracotta Sparkle Trio Eyeshadow Palette - Turkish Makeup Cosmetics Türk Kadının Makyaj ve Kozmetik

Hello everyone! Herkese merhaba! Today I am excited to share with you all an eyeshadow palette that I purchased from Turkey! Bu far Türkiye'den geldi. İnternette aldım. Lately, I have really been enjoying Turkish makeup and cosmetics, and since I love to collect eyeshadow palettes, I really wanted to get my hands on one to try. So, the eyeshadow palette that I will review for you all today is from one of my favorite Turkish cosmetic brands; it is from Golden Rose, and this is their Terracotta Sparkle Trio eyeshadow palette.

Cost/Ne Kadar? This eyeshadow palette cost me less than $10 on Amazon. Bu on dolardan azdı.

Ingredients/Malzemeler: The full ingredient list is on the packaging and the box that this eyeshadow palette comes in:

Colors/Renkler: This particular palette comes with 3 colors. Üç renk var. A light forest lime green color which would be great in the spring. The middle shade is an orange brown shade that you could wear on a daily basis to work or school, and the last shad…

Step-By-Step Glam Night Out Dark Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone! It is time for another makeup tutorial! Today I will show you step-by-step how I created the look above. This look is focused on the eyes, so the lips and face makeup is light and more muted. The eyes are very intense, deep, and dramatized, so this look is more complicated, advanced, glamorous, and dramatic. I will simplify this look for you all though so that it is easy to recreate. Let's begin!

How To Create This Look

Step 1:Prime The eyes with eye primer or an eyeliner sealer. Both will make eye makeup last longer on the eyes and enhance the color of your eyeshadow and eyeliner. 

Step 2:Apply a neutralizer first to the under eye area to reduce discoloration underneath the eye. Then apply a concealer afterwards for darkness. 

I applied the Revlon Colorstay Whipped 24Hrs foundation in the shade Natural Tan as a concealer. This foundation will settle into lines underneath the eyes though if you have a lot of them, so if this is the case, it is better to use a concealer…