Avoid Getting Bitten This Summer - Diseases Dangers Caused By Mosquito Bites: Dog Heartworm, Fly Larvae Injections, Malaria, Encephalitis, West Nile, Zika Virus, Yellow Fever - How To Prevent & Treat Mosquito Bites When They Happen

It is summertime finally ☀! This season is long awaited every year, but there is one major downside to summer, and that is mosquitoes. There is nothing like endless mosquito bites scarring up your legs and itching you like crazy, to put a slight damper on things. Some people though, don't consider mosquito bites to be a big deal, but everyone should. Just as Malaria and West Nile Virus are a pretty big deal, and you should try to avoid them like the plague, so should you avoid mosquito bites, which carry Malaria and West Nile Virus, among other diseases, from person-to-person. 

In addition, Over million people die from mosquito bites every single year. So today, I will teach you why you should avoid getting mosquito bites, the best product to use to avoid getting bitten, and how to treat mosquito bites once they happen. 

The Danger Lurking Behind Every Mosquito
"Over one million people worldwide die from mosquito-borne diseases every year. Not only can mosquitoes carry diseases …

Product Review: Garnier Fructis Style Power Spike Explosion Party-Proof 24 Hour Extreme Hold 10 Hair Gel

Hello everyone! I love natural and organic hair products. I generally have a preference for them, but today, I decided to try a drugstore product on my hair to see what would happen. The product that I will be testing out is the Garnier Fructis Style Power Gel Spike Explosion Party-Proof 24 Hour Extreme Hold hair gel. Wow, that is a long title 😣! Well, let's begin!

Cost:$12-$19 depending on where you buy it.

How Much You Get:9 fl oz.

Ingredients: Though this hair gel is not organic, it does have a few good ingredients in it, including:

1. Glycerin
2. Castor Oil
3. Geraniol
4. Citronellol
5. Lemon Fruit Extract
6. Ceramide
7. Taurine
8. Water

Brand Promises: The brand promises that this hair gel is non flaking; that it will hold your hair for 24 hours, and that it works on both damp and dry hair.

This hair gel has different variations that you can choose from. I bought the 10 extreme hold because my hair can get frizzy and nappy, but you can also choose the Clean Slick Maximum Control 8 Hold,

Product Review: Bourjois Paris City Radiance Liquid Foundation

Hello everyone! Today I will review a liquid foundation for you all. The foundation tahat I will review today is the Bourjois Paris City Radiance liquid foundation.

Cost: $7-$17 depending on where you buy it

This foundation has SPF 30, an anti-pollution screen, and radiance boosting pigments.

Brand Promises: The brand promises that this foundation will refresh and even the complexion; will have a natural finish; will brighten the skin, and will give 24 hour hydration all day long. This foundation's anti-pollution screen will also prevent carbon particlesfrom adhering to the skin, which will allow the skin to breathe comfortably.

This foundation comes in 6 shades:

1. Rose Ivory
2. Vanilla
3. Light Beige
4. Beige
5. Golden Beige
6. Golden Sun

I have the shade 5 Golden Beige. For a foundation, the shade range is way too small, so this is not an ethnic-friendly foundation.

How This Foundation Looks On The Skin
My Skin Type: I had normal skin since I was a child, but recently it has become oily.


Product Review: Herbal Natural Makeup Eyeliner Review: Eyetex Black Kajal Liner

Today I will review another kajal eyeliner. The one I will review this time is a kajal liner that I sell in my health and beauty store. Of course, this will be an honest review 100%. If I find anything wrong with this kajal during this review, I will not restock it in my store. However, I have confidence in this brand so I am sure it will pass my review. So, without any further ado, here is the review for the Eyetex Kajal Eyeliner.

Cost: I sell this kajal in my store for less than $6

Ingredients: When Eyetex first started, they burned castor oil to make their liner, which also purified it. Today, Their ingredients have changed and there are more herbal ingredients in them. Castor oil is still a main ingredient in their kajal liners though. Their most recent formula for their newest kajal, the Eyetex Kajal Supreme Max Herbal kajal, has these kinds of natural ingredients in it:

1. Castor Oil
2. Aloe Vera
3. Anthemis Nobilis
4. Berberis Aristata
5. Calendula Officinalis
6. Cineraria Maritima
7. E…

Product Review: Mary Kay Sunlight Rayon De Soleil Eyeshadow Palette

Hello everyone! Today I am going to review one of the Mary Kay eyeshadow palettes that a friend of mine, who is a Mary Kay consultant, sent me for free to test out. The eyeshadow palette that I will be reviewing today is the Mary Kay Sunlight Rayon De Soleileyeshadow palette.

Cost: These eyeshadows are not expensive in my opinion. They cost $8 a piece, so this palette costs $32 for all 4 shades. You can choose though to get a palette or you can just pick an individual shade(s) that you want.

Mary Kay eyeshadows are made in Canada and they are mineral eyeshadows.

Colors: This palette comes with 4 light colors, which are perfect for spring and summer ☀. You get a light purple lilac shade, a darker fuchsia pink shade, an orange gold shade, and a beige champagne shade.

Swatches Without Eye Primer

Top To Bottom: The glittery orange shade, the matte purple shade, the matte champagne shade, & the matte pink shade with heavy purple undertones.

Texture: These eyeshadows feel smooth and soft to t…