Acne Marks - Pigmentation

When it comes to the color, pigmentation that can appear on the skin after acne occurs and has healed, we usually see 3 main types of pigmentation:

Dark colored hyperpigmentation, which appears brown or black in color 

When someone has a lot of melanin in their skin, it can cause the skin that gets damaged from acne, bacteria, or trauma, to turn dark in color. Melanin is what allows the skin to tan; it is a dark black or brown pigment, and it not only affects the color of damaged skin, but it also decides your eye and hair color.

Pink or red marks - After a breakout, you will sometimes get pink or red spots on your skin.

White marks - These are a little different from the scars mentioned above because they can occur because of damage to the skin from acne, bacteria, or trauma, but they can also occur because of a loss of pigment to the skin.

Source of Image: "Aerosol Burn" By Wikipedia; no changes made -

The important thing to remember is that exposure to the sun can darken these scars, so make sure you protect your skin after a breakout and avoid things like sunning, until the skin heals.

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