Eyebrow Threading - To Thread Or Not To Thread?

There are quite a few ways to shape your eyebrows today, and eyebrow threading is quite popular for this. After all, your eyebrows make your makeup look and they shape your entire face; your eyebrows can speak as much as your eyes and they are just as noticeable, so today, let's talk about the pros and cons of eyebrow threading, so that you can decide for yourself if you want to do it.


There are far more pros than cons to eyebrow threading. Firstly, out of all the different ways you can shape your eyebrows, eyebrow threading in my opinion, gives you the most defined, shaped, and on point eyebrows, since it removes even the smallest of hairs that tweezers and razors tend to miss. Eyebrow threading is also fast; a quick 5-10 minute procedure, and it lasts 3-4 weeks. Since it lasts so long, it is also quite cost effective and really low maintenance; eyebrow threading makes your eyebrows easier and much faster to style with your makeup each day. In my personal experience, eyebrow threading is faster than shaping your eyebrows yourself because it takes me about 15-20 minutes to shape my eyebrows with a razor. 

Another benefit is that it is easy to find places that do eyebrow threading. The place that I would go for eyebrow threading is the mall, and it generally costs only $10 - $15 each time. It is for all these reasons that Eyebrow threading is what I recommend for beginners because you don't have to worry about removing too much hair or accidentally doing a terrible job and making your brows look misshapen or uneven. However, despite these benefits, there are people that I would not recommend eyebrow threading for, so let's move on to this now.


Eyebrow threading can irritate and redden the skin a bit, but this also leads to the misconception that eyebrow threading hurts a lot, but actually, the thread is so thin and fine and moves so fast across your skin, that it actually does not hurt that much; people often lounge comfortably while getting their eyebrows threaded, in part because, when you get used to something, you no longer notice it anymore. I use an electric tweezer/epilator to remove excess hair on my face, which feels similar to eyebrow threading, but over time, I stopped feeling the electric tweezer after just a few times, and even when I felt it, the pain was really not that bad. Since it can create redness and slight irritation though, you should apply an oil to your brows after having them shaped, or a moisturizing healing gel. I always apply an antiseptic to my brows after shaping them in case my razor wasn't as clean as I thought it was, as well as to make sure that no germs enter the now open and sensitive skin. 

Redness and irritation aside, there is a more series health concern that comes with eyebrow threading, which is that the thread that is used is often not changed or cleaned between each person, so it is good practice to make sure that you apply an antiseptic to your brows as soon as threading is finished. After all, there are mites, known as Demodex mites, a type of parasite that eats away the hairs on people's faces and lives on their face, especially the brows. 

"Poor sanitation, such as reusing threads on multiple customers, can spread staph infections and other contagious skin conditions." Source of quotation: "Does Eyebrow Threading Carry Health Risks?", 2011, By Anita Hamilton. Time Magazine. http://healthland.time.com/2011/08/02/does-eyebrow-threading-carry-health-risks/

These mites act like lice, and you don't want to bring them home, so this is a major con to eyebrow threading. Thus, people who worry about hygiene, should not get eyebrow threading done.

"While there are countless different types of bacteria, mites, parasites and germs living all over our bodies, one area that people seem specifically interested in is our eyebrows. The fact that we have creepy crawlies living in our eyebrows – big enough to be classified as mites...creep(s) us out. And indeed it’s true that this region – along with our eyelashes and nose hairs – provide a habitat for a specific species of mites...Sometimes these mites are known as face mites or follicle mites, but they are technically known as Demodex." Source of quotation: "Meet the Bugs That Live in Your Eyebrows", 2014, By Dr. Janice Rachael Mae. HealthGuidance for Better Health. https://www.healthguidance.org/entry/17240/1/meet-the-bugs-that-live-in-your-eyebrows.html

Final Thoughts: If you are worried about hygiene, then I don't recommend eyebrow threading. Now, If you can find someone to give you fresh thread when threading your eyebrows, then I definitely recommend doing it, but it is because of this hygiene issue, that I don't get my eyebrows threaded. Gradually, over time though, as you get more comfortable and skilled with your makeup, you will slowly be able to shape your own brows, but for beginners, I don't recommend shaping your own eyebrows at first, so in this case, I do recommend eyebrow threading, but make sure you use antiseptic on them immediately afterwards.

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