My Birthday Celebration - 誕生日を祝った - 飲み会 - Day In The Life of A Vlogger

I celebrated my birthday a few days ago! 先週誕生日を祝った。I went to a nomikai/ 飲み会, which in Japanese means a drinking party. "Nomi" is the noun form of "to drink", which is "nomu", and "kai" is party. I got to meet many people that I never met before, as well as some old friends. Most of the people at the nomikai spoke Japanese and I spoke a lot of Japanese in my birthday video, but some people there did not speak Japanese, so you find all kinds of language learners at a nomikai. Needless to say, I had soooo much fun! My Japanese got terrible though, maybe because someone kept buying me drinks all night, or because I was just too excited >.> I'm not sure why, but for some crazy reason, I said I was 20 years old in this video, but I actually turned 29. In Japanese, in the birthday video, I said, "Nijuu sai ni narimashita", which means I turned or became 20 years old, but the correct way to say my age, 29, is "Nijuukyuu sai ni narimashita". "Ni" means 2, "juu" means 10, so "nijuu" means 20, and "kyuu" means 9, so 29 is "nijuukyuu". "Sai" means age, and " narimashita" means became. For all you Japanese learners out there, can you hear me say these sentences in the video? Try playing my birthday video until you can hear these words clearly.

My Birthday Video/誕生日の ビデオ
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