Natural Pink Summer Spring Eye Makeup Eyeshadow Step-By-Step Tutorial

Want to learn how to get this simple, beautiful look? Then keep reading 👯

Let's start with the eyes. I always start any makeup look with the eyes because there may be fallout from your eyeshadows; it is much easier to just brush off or wipe off fallout before you have any other makeup on, so that way you don't remove your face makeup. Before even applying any eyeshadow though, I always apply:

1. An eyeliner sealer first. An eyeliner sealer acts as an eye primer, but it does even more. An eyeliner sealer can be applied over eyeliner to help reduce smudging; it can be mixed with any eyeshadow in order to turn it into an eyeliner; it can make poorly pigmented eyeshadows very pigmented, and you can even use an eyeliner sealer to get glitter to adhere to your eyes without having to worry about it falling off.

2. Apply eyeshadow. I used 2 shades from the 3W Clinic eyeshadow palette. This palette comes with 9 different eyeshadows and 3 blushers in one palette, and the palette only costs $11. I love this palette so you will see it a lot in my makeup tutorials. 😋 The shades I applied to my eyes have stars on them; I first applied the lighter pink shade, which is suppose to be one of the blushers, but it is too light as a blush, so I use it as a base shadow when wearing pink eyeshadow. After applying this color for my base, I then put the glittery dark pink shade on top of it.

3. Tightline your eyes with black eyeliner for a natural makeup look. I avoided applying the liner to the inner corner on the lower lash line; the liner I used is the Lakme kajal liner in black. Make sure you smudgeproof your liner if you want to prevent it from smudging for many hours.

4. Apply mascara. I only applied mascara to my upper lashes. I have very sensitive eyes, so I find that I can't use drugstore mascaras, but after hunting down mascaras for years, I finally found a mascara brand that does not irritate my eyes at all. It is the herbal Palladio Mascaras. I have bought every one of their black mascaras and I love them all except one or two, but none of the ones I have used ever irritated my eyes, so I highly recommend them to people who have sensitive eyes like me, or who can't find a mascara that agrees with their eyes. The Palladio mascara that I used for this look gave me amazing length! It is the Palladio Lash Obsessed mascara.

5. Draw in your brows. Everyone is picky and prefers different things for their brows, but I like very dark bold thick brows, so I used my Lakme Eyeconic kajal in black to fill in my brows. If you want to try an herbal kajal eyeliner like this one, they are available here. Currently, there is a buy 2 get 1 free deal on these eyeliners. 

6. Apply under eye concealer. I mentioned before in a previous blog that I don't use under eye concealer for the most part anymore because they always crease badly on me, so I tend to use a lighter foundation to conceal darkness under my eyes. The foundation that I used for this look, and which I use almost every time in this area, is the Revlon Colorstay Whipped 24 Hrs Cream foundation in 370 natural tan.

7. Apply foundation. I used a foundation that I love; the Nuance Salma Hayek Flawless Finish liquid foundation in the shade 285 medium/deep warm. I can wear this foundation without applying any powder; it dries fast, the coverage is really good, and it doesn't settle into my dry spots or laugh lines; I don't understand why I don't hear people talking about this foundation more, but it is definitely an excellent foundation and I highly recommend it.

8. Apply concealer to the areas where you want a bit more coverage. I like to spot conceal, so I apply one of my absolute favorite products of all time, the Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream in BB#11. I have not been able to find any product to replace this. The coverage is sooooooo amazing. I have even been able to cover a spider bite that turned very dark with this BB cream; that is how good the coverage is. Though I have bought many many concealers, none of the ones I own can top this one.

9. Lastly, I applied lipstick. The lipstick I chose is a beautiful summer spring light pink color; it is the Burt's Bees Lipstick in 515 Tulip Tide. I love this lipstick. It is such a pretty pink and it even goes well with my brown skin; this lipstick has no smell, and it is a very moisturizing formula made from mineral pigments.

Voila! We are all done! Did you try this look? Let me know in the comments below what you thought of it 💓 

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