Product Review: Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Eyeliner मेकअप आईलाइनर की समीक्षा - लक्मे काजल

Review: Lakme Eyeconic Kajal In Black लक्मे काजल 

I love Indian kajal liners, so I tend to go through a lot of them and collect them. The reason I like Indian kajal liners so much is because I find them to be darker than most drugstore liners, so they show up well even on brown or darker skin; they don't irritate my sensitive eyes, when most drugstore liners that I have tried do, and they tend to have a much smaller ingredient list than most drugstore liners. Indian kajal liners are often made with some natural ingredients like almond oil and castor oil. There are many kajal liners available in India and in the U.S., and many U.S. brands even make their own version of a kajal liner. One of the most popular kajal liners in India is the Lakme Eyeconic kajal, so this is why I wanted to review this one first for you. So, let's begin! 😅

When it comes to eyeliner, one of the first things that people look for is whether or not it is smudgeproof. Almost all eyeliners you can buy will say they are smudgeproof, but 9 times out of 10, they will not be smudgeproof at all, and this eyeliner is no exception. You can see this in this video:

Is this eyeliner waterproof? No it is not. You can see this here:

Here are the swatches of this eyeliner:

I like how dark this liner is; it really shows up well even on my brown skin, so even though you need to layer the liner to get it this dark, I still think it is excellent for those with brown or darker skin.

I applied this liner differently on my left and right eye. On my left eye, I applied the eyeliner right on top of my eye after applying a light foundation to cover the darkness under my eyes. The foundation I used is the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation. This foundation doesn't crease and it stays in place all day, so I recommend it over concealer for the under eye area to cover darkness and dark circles. I find that concealer almost always creases on me, so I started using light foundation in this area and it works wonders! So if you have problems wearing concealer under your eyes, definitely try a light foundation! 

On my right eye, I applied this eyeliner on top of this foundation and a brown matte eyeshadow. The brown matte eyeshadow I used is the fifth shade in the Etude House Play Color Eyes In The Cafe eyeshadow palette called coconut on the beach. This is how the eyeliner looks on my left eye:

The eyeliner looks darker and shinier when applied directly on top of the eye without eyeshadow. The eyeliner went on smoothly and it was not difficult to apply it.

This is how the eyeliner looks on my right eye, on top of eyeshadow:

On top of eyeshadow, the eyeliner looks much more matte and the shine disappears. It was a bit harder to apply this liner on top of eyeshadow though, and it looks a little less dark. This is how the eyeliner looks on both of my eyes:

Final Thoughts: All-in-all, I love how this eyeliner looks on my eyes. It really makes my eyes look more exotic, and I love it both with eyeshadow and without. Most importantly, this eyeliner does not irritate my eyes at all, and it is sooo comfortable to wear. Indian kajal liners are so comfortable on the eyes, to the point where I can wear them for hours and actually forget that I am wearing them; this eyeliner makes my entire makeup look, so even though it does smudge after a while and it is not waterproof, I still highly recommend it. You can easily smudge proof and waterproof this liner by applying a black liquid liner on top of it, or a good eyeliner sealer. 

If you have never tried an Indian kajal liner before, I highly recommend giving them a try, especially if you have sensitive eyes, if you want to wear makeup that is more comfortable for long hours, or if you simply want to wear a liner that has fewer chemicals in it. I will review more Indian kajal liners for you all in future posts; I have soo many kajal liners in my collection. I depend on them a lot because I like feeling comfortable when I wear makeup :)

If you want to try other kajal liners, you can find them here on my store. If you are interested in the bindi, the colorful dot design on my forehead, you can find them here. Click here to go to the post on how to smudge proof your eyeliner.

Have fun playing with your eyeliner! 💝

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