Feeling Sick? Maybe It Is Not Your Food, But The Purified Bottled Water You Drink

A few days ago, something happened that was so shocking to me, that I decided to do research on it, and now I am writing this article about it. So, about 3 days ago, I drank a glass of purified spring water that I had in my refrigerator. I didn't eat anything, I was just thirsty because it is hot now and it is summertime. So, when I got sick from the water, I was sure it was the water because I was fine all day, and I got sick pretty quickly, right after drinking that glass of water. I got a sudden headache, my stomach started hurting, and I noticed a ringing in my ears. This prompted me to go online, and research purified water using scientific scholarly journals. In the studies I found, scientists analyzed our purified water, and they found several harmful things in it, so this is what they found:

1. Bacteria

Bacteria was found in several batches of purified water that was analyzed in several scientific studies; this is water that would end up in our grocery stores for sale, basically purified drinking water.

"Samples of water were taken directly from the public distribution water tank at twelve different stages of a typical purification system were analyzed for the identification of isolated bacteria...Results - The 78 isolated colonies were identified as the following bacteria genera: Pseudomonas, Flavobacterium and Acinetobacter. According to the miniature kits used in the identification, there was a prevalence of isolation of P. aeruginosa 32.05%, P. picketti (Ralstonia picketti) 23.08%, P. vesiculares 12.82%,P. diminuta 11.54%, F. aureum 6.42%, P. fluorescens 5.13%, A. lwoffi 2.56%, P. putida 2.56%, P. alcaligenes 1.28%, P. paucimobilis 1.28%, and F. multivorum 1.28%...All the colonies were confirmed as bacteria of the non-fermentative gram-negative bacilli (NFGNB) group, strictly aerobic..."

Source of quotation: Penna, V. T. C., Martins, S. A. M., & Mazzola, P. G. (2002). Identification of bacteria in drinking and purified water during the monitoring of a typical water purification system. BMC Public Health, 2, 13. http://doi.org/10.1186/1471-2458-2-13

The problem seems to be that the bacteria is so efficient, that they can change themselves to adjust to their environment, so they can adjust to survive even some of our current purification processes. The other problem seems to be that some of our purification processes are not that effective to begin with. So, to deal with more resistant and strong bacteria, we need to continue to evolve our water purification processes; just as bacteria continue to evolve, we must also continue to evolve just as fast to fight them, but that is the problem. The bacteria is much faster and better at evolving than us, so they have the advantage.

"Quantification of 16S rRNA genes suggested measurable levels of bacteria even when systems had final UV treatments designed to remove organic carbon and disinfect the water at the point of use."

Source of quotation: Proctor, C.R., Edwards, E.A., & Pruden, A. (2015). Microbial composition of purified waters and implications for regrowth control in municipal water systems. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology, 1, 882-892. http://doi.org/10.1039/C5EW00134J

Since bacteria is common in purified drinking water, even in the U.S., we must make sure that we check for water recalls regularly before going to the grocery store to buy water for ourselves or our families.

To learn what these 14 brands are, read the full article here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/bottled-water-e-coli-contamination_n_7640010

2. Mold

Source of image: https://steemit.com/academia/@kajalpats/mold-spore-production-in-varying-ph-levels

This one actually makes a lot of sense because when things get wet and stay wet, they mold, so the equipment used to purify the water and which the water is held in, can mold, and that mold can transfer to the water itself that gets sent to the grocery store. Just last year there was a recall on purified water at Kroger stores because of mold in the water.
3. Viruses

This is less likely to be found in purified drinking water in the U.S., but I still wanted to include it because viruses can be found in developing countries where the water is often not properly or fully purified, so if you are traveling, please be cautious of this. Also, if someone brings you a glass of water while you are in a restaurant or at a bar, if that person is sick and breathes or sneezes over your water, they can put a virus in it.

Viruses are the "tiniest of the waterborne disease-causing microorganisms—smaller than both protozoa and bacteria. These nasty little bugs are also the least understood by scientists, and cause the greatest range of symptoms across infected individuals...Viruses can survive for very long periods of time, but can only reproduce in the living cells of a host. Which is why they need you...In North America, norovirus and rotovirus are the most prevalent pests. If you’ve ever gotten a bad case of “food poisoning,” there’s a chance you were playing host to—and dealing with the consequences of—one of these microorganisms. Hepatitis A is also of concern in many developing countries."

Source of quotation: "WATER TREATMENT 101: VIRUSES", 2017, Written By MSR Team, The Summit Register: https://thesummitregister.com/water-treatment-101-viruses/

Final Thoughts

I never thought that I would write an article about something like this, and though this experience scared me, I realize that it happened for a reason; experiencing this allowed me to share it with you all and help you protect yourself and your families. Health and wellness is something we all deserve because it determines our quality of life, so this kind of knowledge is very powerful. Lastly, the last thing I want to say is that you should not trust the foods and drinks you find in stores; just because it is in the store, doesn't mean it is safe, so when in doubt, boil your water, especially when traveling, and/or use a water purifier at home on the purified bottled water that you buy.

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