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Happy Halloween everyone! For the holiday, I thought it would be fun to do a Halloween-themed nail art tutorial. So I will be using these water nail decals for the look I will be showing you today:

This is what the final look will be like:

Let's Begin!

Step-By-Step Nail Tutorial

I will be using three of these nail decals. Before that though, I will apply a base coat to my nails. I usually just use any top coat that doesn't work as well as I would like for my base coat. Next, I cut all the nail decals that I may use; there are five that I may use today, so I will cut them off of the sheet. These are the five that I chose:

After cutting them up, I shape each nail decal individually, one at a time, so that they will fit my nails and have the same shape as my nails. I use scissors to cut the nail decal to shorten it so that it fits the size of the nail that I will apply it to, and then I cut the nail decal so that it is curved and forms a round shape on the bottom and top, since my nails are curved and form an oval shape both at the nail bed, and at the very end of my nails. Once I am done shaping the nail decal, I then remove the plastic clear covering that protects it, and then I put it in water for about three seconds. Then, I slowly drag the image off of the white paper backing, and then I apply the nail decal to my nail; it is really important to do one nail at a time so that you don't mess up the nail design. You can see everything that I did in this step here in this video:

Now that the nail decal is on my nail, it is time to clean up the edges using a nail file. The nail file will cleanly remove the part of the nail decal that is still longer than my actual nail, and it will clean up the sides of the nail; this makes it so that the nail decal fits my nail without hanging off the nail on the sides or going past the end of the nail. Now that the nail decal is on and looks the way that I want it to, it is time to apply a top coat. I applied one of my favorite top coats, which is the Seche Vite Dry Fast top coat. I have tried a lot of top coats, but most of them don't work well. My nail polish will usually have dents or scratches in it the next day with almost every other top coat that I have ever tried, but the Seche ones are really good so I highly recommend them if you haven't found a top coat that works well for you. 

You can see how I did the step above in this video:

Finally, the very last step is to apply a pink nail polish to match the nail decal designs I chose. I went for a pink nail polish because I wanted a soft, rather than scary look, so the nail polish I chose is the Rimmel 10 Day Wear Mineral nail polish with Lycra in the color Baby Pink. 

I applied my Seche Vite top coat on top of this polish as well to seal in the color and extend how long the nail polish lasts before it starts chipping and wearing down. Now we are all done! 🎃

What do you think? Do you like this nail art design? 💅

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Have Fun This Halloween Season!

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