Product Review: Denman Brush On Straightened and Curly Natural Ethnic Hair - A Brush for All Hair Types

Hello everyone! I am going to share with you a new product that I discovered months ago that has been a game changer for me. I sometimes get asked about what I do to my hair to make it look so nice, so I am going to answer part of this question here today. If you follow me on Instagram 👉 (dlsbeauty), you know that I change my hair color often, sometimes every week, so seeing this, I can understand how people are shocked at how healthy my hair looks. So today, I am going to share with you all one of my best kept hair care secrets: The Denman brush.

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I think it has been almost two years now since I decided to stop straightening my hair all the time. I also stopped perming my hair and decided to just grow it out, but it has been very difficult to find ways to style my hair in easy fast ways (wash and go), without it looking frizzy or an afro, or without losing a ton of hair. I want my curls to show and look shiny and healthy, like Shirley Temple kind of curls; for women of color, this is not easy to find. You have to find the right products and method mixed together to achieve this kind of result, and sometimes, it can take years to find what works for your hair. One thing that I have discovered that works across hair types though is the Denman brush. 

This brush has completely changed my hair. I did a ton of research on this brush and watched many Youtube videos on how to use it before trying it out. I also checked to see how it works on different hair types. I discovered that this brush is well loved for many women across hair types and textures. Many Caucasian women expressed a great love for it on their curly hair as well, so this brush is not exclusive to ethnic or natural haired ladies. Anyone with frizzy, curly, or wavy hair should definitely add this brush to their hair care arsenal. In this article though, I will share with you all my personal experience with this brush, and show how it has completely transformed my hair.

I purchased two Denman brushes: The five row one and the seven row one. The number of rows you choose should be based on your hair type. The five row Denman brush (the brush on the left; the smallest one in the picture above) is for people with hair like mine; people with fine or thin hair, who want a gentle soft brush. This brush is the smallest Denman brush available, so it works well for people with short to medium length hair. The seven row Denman brush (the brush on the right; the larger one in the picture above) is for longer thicker hair, since this brush has widely spaced bristles to accommodate thicker and curly hair types. 

I love both of these brushes, but they are both quite different. The smaller five row brush gives me tight small ringlets (think Shirley Temple curls), and the larger seven row brush gives me larger longer curls. Whether I did a wash and go on my hair/wore my hair curly, or blow-dried my hair straight, this brush drastically changed the appearance of my hair for the better. Here is a picture of how this brush changed my hair when I straightened my hair:

When straightening my hair, I noticed a huge thickening affect when I used the Denman brush. Before using this brush, my hair looked much thinner. I have always had baby fine hair since I was a child, and the finer hair is, the more thin it can appear, so having my hair look this thick is amazing and something I never thought was possible.

Here is what my hair looked like when wearing it curly; I just washed it, applied a leave-in conditioner, and let it air-dry:

When wearing my hair curly, I noticed the same thickening affect, and the curls had much more definition and shape. I used to just run my fingers through my hair or use a paddle brush or boar bristle brush, but these methods had problems for me. Running my fingers through my hair to style it, created curls that did not have much definition, shape, and were less spread out. Using a paddle brush or boar bristle brush on my hair when I was going to let it air-dry was a waste of time for me too, because these brushes always left frizz in my hair. The frizz tends to fall out, so it caused me to lose more hair. Thus, the Denman brush for me was better than using a comb, finger-combing, or using a paddle brush or boar bristle brush. 

Update 10/24/2018: I tried something different with the Denman brush last night before bed. I brushed my hair with the Denman brush again after it had dried and set, and it straightened my hair! I then braided my hair to get some of the curls back because it was way too straight, and this is how my hair came out; how it looked when I took it down this morning:

My hair came out looking very thick, healthy, and beautiful. I can't believe that I could straighten my hair without any heat at all, and there was absolutely no frizz! So the Denman brush is able to define, shape, and enhance your curls, as well as straighten hair without frizz or the use of heat. 

If you use a hair gel with the Denman brush, then I don't recommend brushing it again after it sets because hair gel is designed to prevent your hair from moving or frizzing, so brushing it can lead to frizz because you are creating friction in it and trying to force the hair apart that the gel locked together.

Tips and Tricks for Using The Denman Brush

This brush is amazing, and I will never be without it again, but it does take some work to learn how to use it properly, so here are some things that I learned about this brush that helped me get the best possible turnaround for my hair:

1. This brush is a styling brush, so you shouldn't use this brush as a detangler. It is advertised as a detangler by the company, but I do not recommend using it that way, because if you do, you will lose a lot of hair. This brush works best if you detangler your hair with a comb first, and then brush the Denman brush through it afterwards. Also, if you use a curl balm or gel, make sure you don't use too much of them because then you will have a harder time getting the brush through your hair and you will lose a lot of hair. I recommend applying all oil and leave-in conditioners to your hair first and then run the Denman brush through your hair. After this, apply your curl balm or gel, and then brush the Denman brush through your hair gently again to get all the product evenly distributed.

2. There are some fake Denman brushes from China online, so make sure you get this brush from a legitimate source, so that you get one that really works the way it is suppose to. I will have the sellers that I bought mine from on Amazon at the end of this article for you. This brush is made in the UK, so if you get a brush that does not say it is made in the UK, it is likely a knockoff. Lastly, this brush is quite durable, so if you get a brush that breaks easily, it is also likely a dud. 

3. I especially recommend this brush for anyone with frizzy hair because the anti-static rubber cushion that the nylon bristles are attached to prevents frizz, so even if you have straight frizzy hair, it can still help you get much healthier, more groomed looking hair.

4. You can take this brush apart fairly easily and remove some of the bristles if you need the bristles to be even more widely spread out. This can come in handy for those with extremely thick, kinky, or nappy hair. I did not need to do this though since I have very fine hair, but it is fairly simple to take apart and put back together, so this brush is very versatile. 

5. If you have very thick or kinky hair, there is a Denman brush specifically for you, which I will put at the end of this article as well. Denman makes the nine row Denman brush for those with very hard to manage, thick, kinky, or nappy hair, such as 4b or 4c hair

6. You need to use this brush every time to get the desired affect. Online, I read that the results are permanent, but personally, I feel that I did not get these results if I did not use this brush, so I do not believe the results are permanent.

7. Lastly, you will need to test to see if this works for you or not, but you may only be able to finger comb your hair when you take it down in the morning after styling it with the Denman brush. I bought my roommate one of these brushes, the seven row one, and she was able to comb hers just fine, but when I tried to put a comb through my hair, it turned into a bird's nest immediately and looked like I had just touched something electrical, so I had to re-wet my hair and style it all over again. So, I don't recommend using a comb or brush on your hair again after you style it with the Denman brush and your curl balm or gel. You will have to test for yourself though to see how your hair responds to a comb after letting it air-dry. 

Here are the sellers that I bought my Denman brushes from on Amazon, as well as some of the other Denman brushes available, including the nine row one:

Have you ever tried the Denman brush? What did you think of it? 👯

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