Sexy Makeup Tips

When it comes to getting a sultry, sexy makeup look, there are three areas that you want to focus on; those areas are your brows, eyes, and lips. 


When you are trying to achieve a sexy makeup look, it is important to create really sharp or defined eyebrows, or dark prominent ones. In the picture above, you can see how the woman's dark eyebrows stand out more than her eye makeup, so dark eyebrows can really give you a more sexy, sultry look and they can really draw people's eyes to your face in a strong way. Of course, you can still achieve a sexy makeup look with lighter, less pronounced brows, but if you do that, I recommend going heavier on your eye makeup eyeliner or going for a dark lip.


When creating a sexy eye look, focus on either eyeliner or eyeshadow. When getting a sexy look with eyeliner, I avoid pink eyeshadow, but any other eyeshadow color is fine, and then I create a heavy eyeliner look, or I will go lighter by just lining my upper lash line, or creating a wing. It is best to use black eyeliner to get a sexy makeup look, but you can also achieve a sexy makeup look with dark brown eyeliner, if you create a wing with it or line both your upper and lower lash line. 

Another way to create a sexy eye look is by smoking out your upper and lower lash line, or by lining your upper lash line with liner, and smoking out your lower lash line with black or dark brown eyeshadow. 


When going for a sexy makeup look, I recommend avoiding pink lipstick, and instead, go for a nude lip if you decide to go heavy on your eye makeup, or go for a dark lip, such as a red, purple, black, or burgundy lip color. Matte nude lips are also very sexy, so I recommend going matte if you choose a my lips but better lip color.

What is your favorite sexy makeup look? ✨

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