Product Review: CoverGirl TruBlend Cruelty Free Liquid Foundation Makeup with Swatches & Wear Test

Today I am going to review a foundation for you: The CoverGirl TruBlend liquid foundation in the shade D4 Classic Tan

Coverage/Finish: It has very good coverage; I would say full coverage for many people because it definitely covered all my imperfections. 

This foundation has a beautiful dewy finish, so if you have dry skin, you will find this foundation well-suited to you. It makes the skin look very smooth, perfect, vibrant, and have a healthy glow. Looking at the foundation in photos, it does look a bit thick though, rather than natural, so this foundation may not be the best one to wear when going for the no makeup makeup look. Despite looking thick however, it does not feel heavy on the skin, but it does not feel invisible either like foundations that have a more natural finish. 

I have normal skin; skin that is not oily nor dry. I was able to wear this foundation as it is without setting it with powder.

Longevity: This foundation lasted on my skin all day, even though I did not apply a face primer, so it is a great foundation to wear at the office. After a few hours though, the foundation did wear away under the eye area. This is what the foundation looked like after I wore it for seven hours:

The foundation still looks very nice even after many hours, but you will need to wear an under eye concealer with this foundation. The foundation also did start to look more oily after awhile, so if you have oily skin, you may want to avoid this foundation, or use it with a good mattifying primer or setting powder.

Cruelty Free: CoverGirl just recently pulled out of China and is now officially cruelty free 🐰.

Skin Irritation: I experienced no skin irritation at all while wearing this foundation.

Shade Range: The good thing about CoverGirl is that they have been really good about shade ranges for many years, so they are definitely a Black ethnic friendly brand. 

Their TruBlend foundation comes in 21 shades. Seven light, seven medium, and seven darker shades. 

Price: You get 30 ml 1 fl oz of product for $5-$10. I think this is a great price for a full coverage foundation. 

Final Thoughts: I do like this foundation and I feel that it is a good quality foundation. The coverage, pricing, and shade ranges are all good. I think this foundation is best-suited for people who want full, or close to full coverage, a dewy sheen, and inexpensive makeup. This foundation is also a good choice for people with dry skin. If you have normal skin like me, then you will need to refresh the foundation later as time passes with powder. If you have oily skin, I don't think this foundation will work well for you. In general, more dewy foundations don't usually work well for people with oily skin. All-in-all though, I do like this foundation, and I do recommend it for people with normal or dry skin.

Have you tried this foundation? How did it work for you❔

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