Product Review: Mary Kay Eye Color Eyeshadow Palette - U.S. Brand Mineral Makeup Not Made In China - FREE GIVEAWAY!

Recently, I was searching for some new eyeshadow palettes to try since I love them. Eyeshadow palettes have been my favorite makeup product for about the last year and half, so when I buy makeup lately, this is what I usually buy, unless I need something for a video I am making. Unfortunately, looking for new palettes made me aware that many U.S. brands are now making their eyeshadow palettes in China, though much of their other makeup products are still made in the U.S.

Hunting for new mineral eyeshadow palettes made in the U.S. led me to look at less popular or less well-known brands; brands that aren't all over Youtube or talked about heavily by beauty bloggers. I only found about a handful of brands that fit the bill, and Mary Kay was one of them. Fortunately, I have a friend who works as a Mary Kay consultant, so I reached out to her and she kindly sent me several Mary Kay eyeshadow palettes to try out for free. I plan to review and swatch all of the palettes she sent me, but the first palette that I will review today is the Mary Kay City Sophisticate Eye Color Eyeshadow Palette.

I chose this palette to start because I absolutely love purple eyeshadows. This palette also has a brown bronze shade that I love, and which is great for everyday wear, so I thought many of you would like it 😃. 


I swatched all of the shades, with and without an eye primer. These eyeshadows are quite pigmented without an eye primer, though the purple shade definitely should not be used without a primer because it wasn't as colorful as the others on its own. All of the shadows though were much more vibrant with an eye primer, so I definitely recommend using a primer with these shadows.

These shadows are quite nice! I was surprised by how well they performed, so Mary Kay eyeshadows are quite underrated in my opinion! I really like the colors and the pigmentation. These shadows did not bother my eyes either. They were very comfortable to wear; they did not irritate my eyes, nor cause an allergic reaction. 

When I wore these eyeshadows without a primer, they lasted on my eyes for hours as I ran errands. Here is how each eyeshadow looked on my eyes with an eye primer:

The pink shade in the middle

The brown bronze shade

The plum purple shade

The silver shade

Three of the four shades are glitter shades, except the purple plum shade, which is a matte shade. Since I love glitter shades, I loved the glitter shades the most. I can definitely see myself wearing them on a daily basis, especially the brown bronze shade. 

When it comes to price, these eyeshadows are not expensive in my opinion. They cost $8 each, so this palette costs $32 for all 4 shades. You can choose though to get a palette or the individual shade(s) you want. Another pro for these eyeshadows is that they are not made in China. They are made in Canada 🌿. 

Information about Mary Kay

Mary Kay is different from most U.S. makeup brands because you get the makeup from one of their consultants, especially if you want the newest products and you don't want makeup that is possibly old or expired. I don't know any Mary Kay consultants other than my friend, so I will give you her contact information:

Venitra Frost

Here are some of the newest shades that are now available in eyeshadow palettes from Mary Kay consultants:

Conclusion: I am quite happy with these eyeshadows and I am looking forward to trying out some of the other palettes that my friend sent me. I think the price of the shadows are reasonable; they cost about the same as most individual drugstore eyeshadows in stores like CVS and Rite Aid. I like the shade range in the palette and the pigmentation also. Most importantly, I love that these eyeshadows are not made in China and that they are made more naturally with minerals. So considering everything, I do recommend the Mary Kay eyeshadows. I think that they are good quality so I feel comfortable to recommend them to you all 👯

Giveaway 📢

I will be giving away a full size bottle of the Mary Kay Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover (3.75 fl oz, 110 ml). My friend sent me two bottles of this makeup remover. I tested out the small travel-size one on myself first to make sure it didn't burn or irritate my eyes before giving it away to anyone. It turned out fine! My eyes were not irritated by it, so if you have sensitive eyes, this product should be okay for you.

📌 To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment 📩 below that you want to enter it, and I will do a random drawing from a hat 🎩 to decide the winner 🏁. International readers are also welcome to enter the giveaway 💋

Have you ever tried Mary Kay eyeshadows or one of their palettes? What did you think of them? 👄

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  1. Hi.

    Thank you for the giveaway. I only use natural, vegan, non toxic cosmetics and body care. It would be very helpful to please include a snapshot of the ingredient list, and a product *LINK to be able to easily READ the ingredient list online of any products you review. If you can include it when you do your product reviews, that would be wonderful! I am on your page after listening to Dr Barbara Frank on One radio FYI. It was also unclear if the photos in the post at the end were of the $32 pallets, but the one you reviewed was the $8 pallet? Again, product links with the photos would be extra helpful. Thank you again for the giveaway, too bad it's not the eyeshadow palette! 🤗

    1. I often include an ingredient list, but if I can't find one, or in terms of eyeshadows, where each color will have a different ingredient list, since different ingredients are needed to create different colors, it would take up too much space to include each one, so I may not include it. When it comes to price, each individual Mary Kay eyeshadow/each individual color costs $8, so the palette I reviewed costs $32. However, you can of course only choose to get the colors that you like in this review, instead of all of them, so then it will be less than $32 dollars. Affordable mineral eye makeup is usually around $5-$8 per color/shade. There is a link to all of the Mary Kay makeup in this review under "Information About Mary Kay", but here is a link directly to the eye makeup:

    2. I plan to do more giveaways in the future! Maybe some eyeliner or lip products next time :)


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