2018 Eye Makeup Declutter - Ringing In The New Year With A Clean Out & A Fresh Start

It is getting close to the end of the year, so it is time to declutter. I decluttered a lot of makeup and cosmetics this year, so I will share with you what I am tossing; what I will give away to friends; what I liked and did not like, and what I had problems with.

This is the SeaNtree eyeshadow palette in 01 Brown. This eyeshadow palette is beautifully packaged, but I am decluttering it because it does not show up on my brown skin. When I swatched it in a Korean store on my wrist, it showed up on my skin. However, my face is tanner than my wrist since it is exposed to the sun more, so these eyeshadows did not show up on the darker skin on my face and above my eyes. Since, I have many beautiful eyeshadow palettes, I don't see any reason to keep this one, so I am decluttering it.

These are mineral vegan individual eyeshadows that I bought from Etsy shops. I no longer buy individual eyeshadows because I have fallen in love with palettes. Palettes also take up much less space, so I won't be repurchasing the eyeshadows here that I really liked.

The brown shade on the far left, cider, is being decluttered because it does not show up on my skin. The gold shade in the middle is very beautiful and well-loved; I am only decluttering it because it has started to smell bad so bacteria is likely growing in it now. I have had it for a couple of years though, so it did get a lot of use.

The blue eyeshadow is being decluttered because it is patchy and is not as dark as it looks in the jar when you swatch it. It does not go on evenly and I feel that the quality is not very good. The last shade, the red one, is being decluttered because I can not get red eyeshadows to look good on me; this one is no exception, so I am decluttering it. 

These are also individual mineral vegan eyeshadows that I got from an Etsy shop. I loved the two on the left, so I finished them up. The one on the end on the right is a red eyeshadow that did not suit my skin tone, so I am decluttering it. 

The Inked Tonymoly Cushion Liner has great packaging, but it was a big disappointment for me. I normally like Tonymoly but I do not recommend this liner. This liner completely dried up before I could even use it, in as little as a month, and you get so little product; if you take the mesh covering off, you will be surprised by how much less product is in there compared to other Korean gel liners, so you are really paying for the packaging more than the product. 

I finished up both the Nature Republic Botanical Gel Liner and the Skinfood Choco eyeliner, so I am decluttering them. The Y.E.T. Gel Liner is still full, but it started irritating my eyes, so I think it is growing bacteria in it now, so I will toss it. 

The It's Top Professional Gel Liner that is shaped like a pen on the bottom has faulty packaging, so I got tired of struggling with it and just decided to declutter it. The last small gel liner on the bottom on the far right, the Blue Heaven Kajal Liner is an Indian gel liner. I am so used to using kajal pencils though that I never reach for this gel liner. Since I also had it for years, it is time to toss it. 

I am decluttering all of these liners because they are years old, and they are drugstore liners. I prefer to use natural, mineral, or Korean liners on my eyes since my eyes are very sensitive and I don't want to irritate them or expose them to harsh ingredients, so I am going to declutter these.

These are all liquid liners. The one on the far left is an almond liquid liner that I have been obsessed with for years, but I finished this one up and I can't find it online anymore so I think it is discontinued 😔. The liner in the middle irritated my eyes a bit at first, but not enough that I would toss it immediately. Over time though, the irritation got much worse, as it started to go bad so I am going to declutter it. The liner on the end on the right is the Etude House Oh M'Eye Line eyeliner. It is an amazing eyeliner and I have also been buying it for years. I finished this one up so I am decluttering it but I will repurchase another one.

These three eyeliners are kajal liners. I finished up the Elle 18 liner. The middle one is too difficult to use because of the packaging since the wand is just a thin stick of plastic; the formula is also too dry and it is hard to control and get precision, so I am decluttering it. The last kajal liner on the far right has faulty packaging, so you can't place it anywhere without worrying about it constantly getting contaminated since the top doesn't stay on it, so I am tossing it. 

These two liners were a disappointment for me; they both dried up after only one use, so I am decluttering them. Unless you can use them up fast, buying them would be a waste.

I am decluttering these two mascaras because I finished them both up. I love the Palladio mascaras, so I will be repurchasing more of them. 


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