2018 Makeup Declutter: Lip Products, Tints, Lipsticks, Lip Balms

This year, I cleaned out my makeup and re-arranged my storage so that I would have more free space and be able to find things more easily. Since I love lip products, I have quite a few that I am decluttering, including Korean lip tints, lip balms, and lipsticks.

I am decluttering the EyeNlip lip tint because although it is a stunning vampire red color, my lips felt way too dry after using it; I worried about damaging my lips with it so it is going in the bin. I finished up both the Bbia lip tint and the Eglips lip tint. I really enjoyed the Bbia lip tint because of its vivid, but matte lip color. The Eglips lip tint was like a mix of a lip gloss and a lip tint, so if you like lip gloss, but want a stain to remain on your lips as well, then I definitely recommend giving the Eglips lip tint a try.

I loved the Berrisom Lip Tattoo; the color was beautiful, but I am decluttering it because the applicator broke, so I can't get anything out of it anymore.

I really enjoyed this Coverst orange lip tint a lot, and it is the only orange lip tint I have ever owned. The only reason I am decluttering it is because the applicator broke in it so I can't get the product out anymore. I am decluttering the Coverst red lip tint because, though I love the color, it does bleed too much onto my teeth; it often stains them slightly red, so I am decluttering it. 

I finished up the Eglips Lively Red Lip Tattoo. I love this lip tattoo; it is a matte formula and the color is very beautiful. The red lip product on top of the Eglips Lip Tattoo is the Rire Lip Manicure. This one was another favorite of mine so I completely finished it up. 

This lipstick is the Holika Holika Moisture Lipstick. I have had this lipstick for years, so I feel that it is too old now, so I am decluttering it. 

This is a lipstick that I got from an Etsy shop called Etherealle, but it is years old and something is growing in it now, so I am decluttering it. 

I am decluttering the Skinfood Lip & Cheek Stain because it is too light pink for me, so it does not look good on my skin color. The lip product next to this one is the Etude House Magic Tint Balm, which is a tinted lip balm. This is a great lip balm; it is very moisturizing and it tints your lips nicely, so I finished this one up also. 

The lip product on the far left is the Baviphat Peach Soft Lip Balm. I am decluttering this lip balm because it is really thin and not very moisturizing. I used to love it because it is thin enough to apply to your lips, while still allowing a lip tint to penetrate your lips and tint them. This lip balm also helped prevent my lips from drying out from drying lip tints. Now though, since I don't apply lip tints like this anymore, I don't use this lip balm so I am decluttering it. 

The lip balm in the middle was purchased from an Etsy shop. I bought it because of the Sailor Moon design. It was very moisturizing and I liked it a lot so used it up >.> The Skinfood Rose Essence Lip Balm was really nice. I loved the rose smell so I used it up as well. 

This lip balm has been my favorite for a while. I used it when I was having a really hard time with my lips. It was the only lip balm that really helped my lips when they had problems. I would not even leave the house without this lip balm; that's how addicted I was to it, so if you are struggling with really dry or damaged lips, I highly recommend this lip balm.


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