Eating Out Vlog: Christmas Dinner Party At Korean Restaurant - Karaoke, Food, Wine, Chocolates, & Gift Exchange - Life of A Vlogger 크리스마스 선물 교환, 한식, 저녁식사 파티, 노래방, 포도주, 초콜릿, 한식당 블로그

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful merry Christmas! Three days before Christmas, I went out with a lot of friends; there were about 30 of us. We went to a Korean restaurant called Woo Lae Oak. Since there was such a large group of us, an entire room was reserved for us, I took this opportunity to vlog 👯.

We started the night off with food, drinks, and a gift exchange 우리는 음식을 먹었고, 와인과 맥주를 마셨고, 선물 교환을했었어요:

At the restaurant, we all received a lot of kimchi/fermented cabbage 김치 to feed the entire table. There were about 7 people at my table.

My friends Ken, Anya, Yuki and Bryant were at my table, as well as 2 new people that I met that night for the first time. My friend Peter was furthest from me but Soo, Paul, his wife and baby girl 👶 were right next to my table, so I spent a lot of time catching up with them. I really want to spend more time with them next year!

Since only me and Bryant spoke Korean, I ordered for the table. I ordered pajon 파전 (Korean pancake) for everyone, though I only got a spoonful of it >.< Everyone liked it so much that it was all gone by the time I came back 👻, so in the end, the only food I actually ate was the kimchi and the japchae 잡채 (Korean sweet potato 고구마 noodle dish 국수 요리) that I ordered >.>


I ordered a lot of drinks though. I ordered Korean Makgeoli (rice wine), plum wine, and a soju sampler 막걸리, 매실주, 소주, which came with four different types of flavored soju.

I did not participate in the gift exchange, but two of my friends did. My friends who participated won chocolates 초콜릿, but other people got things like a rice cooker 밥솥 and my friend Soo got an emergency road side assistance kit. 

After dinner, everyone split up; some went to a bakery 빵집, but nine others went with me to karaoke 노래방:

We sang for an hour and half, mostly American English songs, but we did sing a few Korean songs. We ate fried chicken wings 닭 튀김, and drank more soju and Korean raspberry wine 복분자 (bokbunja). 

I did not get full at all on the Korean food that we had at Woo Lae Oak, which is very unusual for a Korean restaurant. Woo Lae Oak was expensive, not flavorful, the alcohol did nothing, and it left you hungry, but I did get full on the fried chicken wings at the karaoke place we went to and the drinks there were awesome! 

After karaoke, we all headed home, and I slept nicely with a full happy belly 노래방에 가고 나서 집에 가서 잠 들었었어요 👊

This Christmas dinner 크리스마스 저녁 식사 was a great way to enjoy the holiday with friends, and I am very happy that I went. The food was not very good though, except for the Korean pancake/pajon, but I still felt the karaoke, the company, and the gift exchange was worth it. I want to do something like this every year because it really made this whole year seem more meaningful 💗

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas🎄 holiday and a happy new year 성탄절 잘 보내시고 새해 복 많이 받으세요 🎇!


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