The Secret To Getting Perfect Frizz-Free Ringlets, Perfect Jheri Curls & Shirley Temple Curls with Just 15 Minutes of Work - Hair Dressing Pomade Product Review

I have been doing some research online for a new product for my hair because my hair has started to feel really dry, even after I apply and leave a deep conditioner on it. Unfortunately, when you do not perm curly ethnic hair, this can happen. I grew up in a family that is very big on perming curly hair to make it straighter, so my hair was permed even when I was a child and I had no say on it really. Now though, I am older and I have learned to accept and embrace my natural curly hair. 

When you compare permed hair to unpermed hair, there are some challenges, so I started researching the differences between hair wax, gel, and pomades. When I was young, most curly-haired families had pomades, but they are a bit forgotten these days by many people because there are just too many new products out there on the market. So, I decided to give a hair pomade a try since I read that they are great for dry and frizzy hair. The product I decided to test out today is the Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade.

This pomade is clear in color; it is thick and feels quite dense to the touch, but it does not leave the hair feeling sticky. The Cantu Hair Dressing Pomade promises to: 

  1. Make the hair stronger and look healthier
  2. Add texture, lift, shine, and control
  3. Hold the style
  4. Define curls and twists
  5. Smooth edges
  6. Prevent frizz
  7. Seal in moisture

It says it works great for people with relaxed, textured, colored, and permed hair.

It is made in the U.S. with shea butter. It has a small ingredient list of 11 ingredients, and it costs around $6, so it is very inexpensive. You only need a little of the product as well, about a quarter-size amount for each braid, so one container of this pomade will last you a long time, so it is cost effective. 

How I Used The Product

I separated my hair down the middle to create two side parts. I applied a leave-in moisturizer to my hair and a shine serum to each section. I then detangled each section with a wide-toothed comb, and then applied about a quarter-size amount of the pomade to each section. I then brushed the pomade through my hair with the Denman Brush to make sure that every strand got coated with the product. I then braided each section and clipped them on top of my head. I then blow-dried my braids for about 10 minutes to help my hair dry by morning, and then I went to bed. 

When I woke up and unbraided both braids, my hair was still a bit wet, so I let it air-dry for a few more hours while I ran errands.

This is how my hair looked after it was completely dry:

The curls came out so amazing! I absolutely love how my hair looks! It looks so professional and beautiful, like I just walked out of a salon 💇. The hair is full of curls and twists that are perfectly defined; it is very shiny and healthy looking; the curls look lifted; the hair feels softer in texture; it is moisturized and does not feel oily; the hair is controlled; the curls are held, and there is no frizz at all, so this Cantu Hair Dressing Pomade did what it promises. It did everything that I wanted it to do. 

I did not use this pomade on my edges, since I am not into sleeking down my edges, but since it smoothed my hair out so well, you should not have any issues with it smoothing your edges also.  

Final Thoughts: I absolutely love this pomade ❤! It really defines the curls and enhances them in texture, appearance, and style; it makes your hair look like you spent hours on it, when you only need to set your hair with it in a few minutes, so it definitely passed my test with flying colors 💚

The only thing about this product though that I think many of you may not like is that it does contain paraffin and fragrance (parfum), as well as petrolatum. I do not mind the smell of this product at all. I actually like it; it is kind of a candy smell that reminds me of my childhood, and it is not too strong like some fragrances, but some of you may be sensitive to smells, so I wanted to mention it. 

Do keep in mind the drying process though. You may want to spend more than just 10 minutes drying your hair with a blow dryer if you use this pomade so that it won't be as wet in the morning, especially if you have thicker longer hair than I do. I have fine hair and I cut it recently so it is shorter, and it still wasn't fully dry by morning, so do adjust the drying time to your hair length and type. 

I definitely will buy more hair dressing pomades to test out because I am so impressed with this one, but I really want to try a more natural one to see if it works as well as this one. Overall though, I think this is a good quality hair pomade. I absolutely love the results it gave me, so I definitely recommend this one. It passed my test with flying colors. If you have dry hair, want to reduce how damaged your hair looks, or want those perfect Shirley Temple ringlets, I definitely think you should give this Cantu Shea Butter Hair Dressing Pomade a try. 

Do you have a hair dressing pomade that you like? Share it with me because I would love to try it ☺! 

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