2018 Face Makeup Clean Out Declutter: Foundation, BB Cream, Primer, Highlighter, Concealer

In this declutter, I will be tossing out everything from concealer, foundation, BB cream, primer, to liquid highlighters. Some of the cosmetics in this declutter will be given to friends, since they are still pretty new or have barely been used. 

I am decluttering this BB cream because it is too light for me. I have three other Physician's Formula BB creams, which suit my skin color better, so I don't need this one. 

I am decluttering this CoverGirl foundation because I finished it up. I have been using this line of the CoverGirl liquid foundations for years. It isn't the best coverage, but I like that it comes in many shade ranges and it feels light weight and comfortable to wear. 

I am decluttering this Ruby Kisses Mineral Concealer because I finished it up. It might surprise you but, this concealer is made in Korea 😉 I liked it when I used it; it really matched my skin color nicely.

This foundation went viral at one point, but I was personally not impressed with it. The reason I am decluttering it is because it is way too light and it leaves a horrible white cast on me. This shade is their second to darkest shade, but when I bought it, it was their darkest shade. They came out with a slightly darker one later on. Regardless, this foundation is not for people with very tanned or dark skin; it seems to only suit people with white skin, so I will be giving this away to one of my friends.

This Korean face primer has barely been touched. I have only swatched it, and it was too light for me, so I am going to give it away to a friend. 

This is the first primer that I ever bought. I was taking a trip to a waterpark with friends years back, and someone in CVS recommended this to me. I never used it on the trip though. It is a really pretty primer with some shimmer and pink and lilac purple tones. I don't really use face primers so this has gotten no love, so I am going to give it away to a friend. 

I bought all of these highlighters from an Etsy shop. The two Apocalyptic Beauty Liquid Highlighters have faulty packaging. You can see from the picture on the right that some brown stuff is oozing out of the containers and the containers are now sealed shut so I can't open them. Aside from packaging, these liquid highlighters were too oily to be used on the face as highlighters, so I have no use for them. 

I did not like the PFYF Magic Holo Drops either because it was too oily to be used on the face as well, and the glitter was a little rough; the glitter didn't feel soft like glitters in most face and eye makeup products usually do. 

I am decluttering this eye primer because it is an oil based primer. When I used it with some of my makeup, it caused more smudging than is normal for me because of the oiliness of it, so I am decluttering it. 


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