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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year 🎇! My New Year was kind of long, so it took me a while to edit all the footage, but I finished editing it recently so I will share all the places I went and all the good food I had on New Year's! 😄

The holiday started off with meeting my friend Yuki for lunch at an Irish Pub called McGinty's Public House

I decided to be adventurous and order something new that I am not familiar with, so I ordered the sampler, which included the Shepherds pie 🍲, beef stew , lamb 🐑 stew, and a side of vegetables. Out of all of these, I liked the beef stew the most. My absolute favorite thing that I had though was the creamy Italian coffee 🍵. If you ever go to an Irish pub 🍀, their warm alcoholic beverages are a must-have! They are so unique and you get to have these drinks with various types of alcoholic mixed with coffee or hot chocolate 🍫. I find these drinks to be very unique and special because very few restaurants and bars offer them, so you are unlikely to find them anywhere else but at an Irish pub. These drinks are very soothing as well and don't burn when they go down or leave your throat really dry and parched the next morning the way other alcoholic beverages do. 

My friend Yuki and I did a little gift exchange, which really made it feel like a holiday. The stew and the spiked coffee and chocolate, really put me in a great relaxed mood 💆.

Here is the vlog from McGinty's:

After leaving Yuki, I then went to meet up with a nice big group that I got together for New Year's. I only had one day to get people together! I did it though and it turned out well. Around 11 people came even though the invite was sent out one day before New Year's Eve. When I have over a week to plan an event, the group tends to be much bigger, anywhere from 20-50 people, so I am quite proud of myself for getting 11 people to come out! We had a lot of fun so it worked out perfectly 💗!

I changed my clothes and upped my makeup with beautiful gold glitter and a butterfly tattoo on my face to go with the New Year festivities. Here is how my makeup looked:

To make the New Year start off fun, we went to Tapp'd for some games, pool, basketball, and happy hour drinks 🍻:

Anya and Bryant had a nice competitive game with a basketball hoop that got them riled up for the evening. Four others in our group played pool, I had a soccer match ⚽ with Takeshi, and a few happy hour cocktails 🍸.

Two hours before midnight, we left Tapp'd and went to Tommy Joe's to count down the New Year:

Tommy Joe's was a lot of fun! I tried their chicken tacos 🐔 without cheese, which I liked. I loved it that I got to order food until late because I was really hungry by this time 😣. The ladies in the group, including myself, danced our butts off! We were hot and sweaty a good hour before the New Year count down even began. The music was really good at Tommy Joe's too so I am glad I included it in our list of activities for the night. Each place I took everyone to was well-liked, so these are definitely festive places to take friends if you want a good night out 💃.

At the end of the evening it was time to go home and crash, and I was so ready, but my New Year was still not over. Takeshi and I met up on New Year's day to have lunch at Tommy Joe's since the manager invited us for a complementary lunch:

The lunch at Tommy Joe's was really fresh! I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed the food. We ordered their famous buffalo wings🍖 with old bay and garlic-parmesan. I don't eat cheese and I stopped eating it two or three years back, but since it was New Year's, I thought it would be a good time to see how I felt about cheese after going so long without it. Normally, cheese hurts my stomach immediately and makes me feel sick, but parmesan is recalled far less than most other cheeses so I thought I would give it a shot. Surprisingly, I felt perfectly fine after eating them; my stomach did not hurt so I definitely recommend trying their buffalo wings if you go to Tommy Joe's.

Along with the buffalo wings, Takeshi and I ordered their seasoned shrimps 🍤, which were also very fresh. I think Takeshi liked the shrimps the most. It is hard to pick a favorite between these two dishes for me personally though; both were equally good and fresh, so I would definitely order both of them again. 

The End of My New Year Adventures: This was definitely one of the best New Year's I had; it was much more intimate and personal than simply going clubbing would have been. Perhaps it is because I am older that I enjoy being with people outside of just clubbing now. Regardless, every New Year is special and unique in its own way. We are never the exact same person we were the year before. We change, grow, and mature throughout the year. We even lose some people or choose to let some go, but everything that happens, does so for a reason. Not everyone's New Year may have been as pleasant as mine, but you still have a whole new year to change things in your life and try to make them better. Whether your New Year was a bit sad or fun, take it for what it was, and use it to catapult you to where you want to be; see it as a stepping stone and instead of letting it make you feel defeated, show everyone you meet throughout this year your fighting spirit and drive. Even if you fail a few times, you still would have left an impression on yourself and others. 

I hope you all have wonderful things happen to you throughout this year! Best Wishes!

🎆 Happy 2019 🎉!


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