The Importance of A Good Cleansing Routine, Why Cleansing Is Important - What Is The Double Cleansing Method?

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When it comes to dealing with acne and one's skin, one of the most important things you need is a good cleansing routine. So many different things can cause acne, but sometimes, you can help prevent acne by simply cleansing your face every night thoroughly using products that suit your skin and using a routine that works well. How do you know which is the best routine to use and why is a good cleansing routine so important? 

Why Cleansing Is Important

Cleansing is important because acne is generally caused by bacteria and microbes that you encounter in your environment. They are on surfaces or things you touch. The things that touch your face transfer the bacteria to your face, and then microbes can burrow into your skin. They will then grow and reproduce there and cause acne. 

Some microbes that cause acne are:

  • Staph
"Skin infections such as boils and impetigo are caused by a staph bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus)..." Source: "Is my pimple infected?" By Aaron Kandola, 2018, Medical News Today:
  • Demodex Mites
"In our study, Demodex positivity was seen in 46 (42.6%) patients in the acne group and 8 (12.3%) in the (healthy) control group..." Source: Akçınar, U. G., Ünal, E., & Doğruman Al, F. (2018). Demodex spp. as a possible aetiopathogenic factor of acne and relation with acne severity and type. Postepy dermatologii i alergologii, 35(2), 174-181.

  • Propionibacterium
"Propionibacterium acnes is a tiny microbe that lives in the oily region of the skin's pores. The bacteria can aggravate an immune response which causes red, swollen bumps to develop on the skin (acne). The researchers collected samples of P. acnes from the noses of 49 pimply people and 52 people with clear skin." Source:

Looking at Propionibacterium and demodex mites, it is clear that you do not always see symptoms of the bacteria that causes acne and various skin conditions. These microbes can live beneath the surface of your skin and cause many skin problems over time, such as the development of Rosacea, wrinkles, rashes, pits in the face, or blind pimples hidden underneath your skin. So you must take care to cleanse your skin thoroughly daily, even if you do not see pimples on your skin.

How To Cleanse Your Skin

If you follow the Korean beauty trends, you have likely heard of double cleansing. I personally love double cleansing. It is something that women who wear makeup will find to be very beneficial. If you have not ever used the double cleansing method, then I highly recommend it. What the double cleansing method is is a routine where you wash your face twice. Once with oil or an oil cleanser, and then with a traditional cleanser like a foam cleanser.

The oil will help remove all of your makeup in a way that a traditional cleanser won't, while also moisturizing your skin and preparing it for a harsher cleanser. So oil is really great for those who wear makeup and who have dry skin. 

You can use any oil of your choosing to cleanse your face, with the exception of soy/vegetable oil. There are a lot of negative health affects associated with soy so I strongly recommend against using it. Other oils though like olive oil or coconut oil will work just fine. If you want to use a stronger oil because your acne is severe and hard to manage, then I recommend using castor oil instead.

⚠ A word of caution though. I do not recommend using oil alone to cleanse your face. It is nowhere near strong enough to prevent acne, so you may find yourself going backwards with more acne than you started with over time; not to mention you will end up with clogged pores. 

A traditional soapy cleanser along with a good astringent is what helps kill the germs and bacteria in your skin that can cause acne, rashes, wrinkles, and other skin conditions. It is important to consider the ingredients in your cleanser though. I only use natural or organic cleansers on my skin because I have sensitive skin, so I often have a bad reaction to the chemicals in face cleansers and bath soap.

A good cleanser is strong and effective; that is what makes it a good astringent. A good cleanser should have strong anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. When you use a good cleanser daily, it will help reduce how much bacteria can grow and colonize in your skin. It is this aspect of it that helps reduce acne, wrinkles, and rashes long-term. 

This is the cleanser that I recommend. You can also find this cleanser on my shop page. It is a natural and organic cleanser made with essential oils and anti-parasitic ingredients:

It is important to understand that water alone is not enough to cleanse the skin, though it is needed to work with your cleanser. Make sure you are mixing clean water with your cleanser. Unclean water will just add to the bacteria that is already on your face. Your cleanser is not likely going to be able to effectively get rid of a heavy dose of bacteria all at once, so using clean water is healthier for you and more productive for your skincare goals.

Lastly, it is important that you moisturize your skin after cleansing it. The reason for this is because a strong cleanser may dry your skin out a bit, so moisturizing it before bed will bring moisture back into into it while you sleep. If you are looking for a good moisturizer, then I recommend this one since it is a natural, organic, and a high quality product:

Have you ever tried the double cleansing method? What did you think of it?

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