2019 Famous Popular Farruquito Flamenco Show At The Strathmore Music Center In Maryland

I recently watched a flamenco show for the first time. One of my friends really likes flamenco and since one of her friends who was suppose to go to the show with her could not come last minute, I got a free ticket to the show. I did not know what to expect from the show, but it was definitely a cultural experience for me. I found the music to be very lively, and the flute was so beautiful and soothing. I could not film the performance, but I was able to take a short video once it ended of the performers. The flamenco show I saw was held at the Strathmore Music Center

"2009 07 09 - 7270 - Bethesda - Strathmore Music Center" By Thisisbossi: https://www.flickr.com/photos/thisisbossi/3775573266

This flamenco show had a very popular and handsome dancer perform in it named Farruquito. Farruquito debuted in Broadway at the very young age of four. He comes from a family lineage with flamenco at their core. Farruquito's grandfather was also a flamenco dancer and his father was a flamenco singer. Farruquito is considered one of the greatest elite dancers in the history of flamenco. His fame and appearance has also led him to be considered one of the most beautiful people in the world. Farruquito does not only dance though, he also leads his own dance academy, so he is helping guide a whole new generation of performers 💃. I felt honored to experience his performance for my very first time flamenco show 😊.
"Farruquito" - http://www.santiagoturismo.com/axenda-cultural/farruquito

I will share what I learned about flamenco from Farruquito's performance with you, as well as my own personal feelings towards flamenco as an art form.

Watching the flamenco show, I felt that I was watching an opera. There was a lot of music; high energy moments played on the guitar, and then some soothing beautiful sounds played on the flute. There were also scenes where the music became sad during a funeral scene, and more intense as the performers experienced feelings of being lost. 

There were two soprano female singers in the show who had very beautiful voices, and though they sang in Spanish and I could not understand it, I could still get a general idea about what the performance was about it. 

There were different performances by different dancers, and the performances were about everyday experiences that we all have in life: traveling, moving from place to place; choosing between two people, two difficult choices; happy cheerful moments in life, changes/transitions in life, death, romance, love, and passion.

Photo by 7 SeTh on Unsplash
Aside from the opera feel, the flamenco performance had a very modern feel to it, along with a traditional/old school feel. The male performers wore suits which is very modern attire, but when it came to the female performers, there was a much more traditional feel to them. The female flamenco dancer wore a very long traditional white flamenco dress. Her hair was up in a traditional updo style, and there was a great sense of elegance with her overall appearance. In one performance, the soprano singers also used Spanish hand fans, which added to the authentic traditional Spanish feel that the performance gave off at times.

There was one performance in the show that reminded me of a scene from a historical Spanish TV show. The dancers all sat around near each other and played their instruments while one performer danced. This looked historical and had a strong cultural feel to it. This performance was so upbeat and had a fun feel to it that it became one of my favorite scenes in the performance. 

One thing that took me by surprise about the flamenco performance was that there was tap dancing in it. The tap dancing was used to add to the music of the show and to increase the intensity of the performance during more intense emotional moments in the show. 

Final thoughts: I enjoyed the flamenco show a lot. I fell in love with their flute player especially, he was extremely talented. Watching the show, I realized that flamenco is full of flair, passion, and energy; it tells a story. It tells the stories of the different dancers and performers. It portrays the different emotions that people feel and the experiences that we have; all while adding theatrics, fashion, and beauty into the mix. So I understand why many people love flamenco and respect it as an art form. If you have never seen a flamenco performance before, I definitely recommend seeing one at least once.

Here is the short video I filmed at the end of the flamenco performance. The performers thanked us for coming out to see the show. They introduced themselves to us, and they were very playful with the audience:


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