Anya's Birthday Dinner Celebration - Eating Out, Dancing, Party Event Vlog

Hello everyone! One of my friend's, Anya, celebrated her birthday 🎂 a few weeks back at The Society Restaurant & Lounge. There were six of us who came to the event. We had dinner and drinks at this restaurant. I ordered their seasoned chicken wings 🍗, which were very good. I loved the seasonings that they put on them and the fact that they were full cooked. If you ever go to this restaurant, I highly recommend their wings. 

After eating, while Anya was in the bathroom, my friend Bryant snuck and told the hostess at the restaurant that we were celebrating a birthday. So when Anya came back, the restaurant brought people over to sing happy birthday to her. The restaurant also gave Anya a free dessert with ice cream 🍨 for the occasion. The dessert they gave was bread pudding.

After we ate, we left our coats at coat check, and then we went upstairs to dance 💃and drink 🍹. The drinks at this lounge were quite strong! I was very impressed with them. However, I really did not like the upstairs because you have to just stand around the entire time. There was not a single seat at all. The only seats were for people who paid for table and bottle service. There weren't even any seats at the bar; it was too weird and uncomfortable, so we left fairly quickly and went to a bar/club called Tommy Joe's

We greatly preferred the music 🎶🎶 and setting of Tommy Joe's, so the evening ended nicely. We were fully tired from dancing at the end of the night, so Anya's birthday dinner was really fun, but it did signal some changes for us. The group has not been together like this again since, and I have changed a lot since. I am around a lot of different new people now, and like with many friendships today, some friendships were lost and some new one's were made. Regardless, I don't regret anything that happened that night and I feel that everything that happened was suppose to happen. I am happy about the changes in my life and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else 😁.

Here is the vlog of Anya's birthday dinner 🎈:


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