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Hello everyone! I organized my biggest event yet about two weeks ago at a Japanese restaurant called Satsuma. This is a very Japanese style 🗻 restaurant, from the decor to the tables and the way checks are handled. This restaurant even uses shoji paper and designs in the back room of the restaurant where they serve Japanese barbecue. 

The group that I arranged here was very big. 60 people RSVP'd for the event. There were about four other event organizers at the event as well, and one of them told me that he counted 55 people in the room we were given for just our group at the beginning of the event. However, several more people came after that, so this event had almost 70 people in total come out to it. 

The appeal of Satsuma for many people comes from the inexpensive authentic Japanese 🏯 cuisine, such as the $1 sushi all day everyday, as well as the design of the restaurant. The restaurant has an authentic Japanese feel to it, and they even maintain some Japanese 🏮customs and traditions, such as taking off your shoes when entering the table. 

In addition, this restaurant has many traditional Japanese dishes that are sometimes harder to find at other Japanese restaurants, such as:

  • Onigiri/Japanese rice ball 🍙
Image: "Spicy Char-Siu Onigiri" By Joey:
  • Mitarashi dango/A dessert of mochi balls in a sweet and salty brown sauce 🍡
Image: "File:Mitarashi dango 001.jpg" By Ocdp, Wikimedia Commons:
  • Kappa
  • Kakifry/Fried oyster with panko and katsu sauce 
Image: "Kaki Fry" By Jeanette Schmidt:
  • Ikayaki/Grilled squid with ginger 🐙
Image: "File:Ikayaki (7629347178).jpg" By Suri, Wikimedia Commons:
  • Gyu tan yaki/Grilled beef tongue with lemon and salt 🐮
  • Saba shioyaki/Grilled mackerel with sea salt 🐟
  • Hamachi kama/Yellowtail jaw with ponzu or teriyaki sauce 
Image: "Hamachi Kama" By Takaokun:
  • Eggplant 🍆
  • Hiyayakko/Tofu with ginger soy sauce 
Image: "File:Hiyayakko with bonito flakes and welsh onion 2.jpg" By Dllu, Wikimedia Commons:
  • Ohitashi/Spinach in a ginger soy sauce
  • Goma ae/Spinach in a sesame sauce
Image: "File:Goma-ae salad.jpg" By Alice Seba, Wikimedia Commons:
  • Ochazuke/Rice bowl with green tea poured over it 🍚
Image: "Ume ochazuke (Tea soup w/Sour Plum)" By Debs (ò‿ó)♪:
  • Tsukemono/Japanese assorted pickles
Image: "Tsukemono" By Ruth Hartnup:
My favorite dishes to order at Satsuma are shrimp and vegetable tempura 🍤, saba shioyaki, plum wine 🍷, plum/ume onigiri 🍘, gyu tan yaki, and tempura ice cream 🍨. I have not eaten seafood since New Year's, so I decided to order fish this time, so I ate Japanese beef barbecue and ordered saba shioyaki. Other people ordered a lot of sushi 🍣, ramen 🍜, beers 🍺, and tempura. Here are pictures of some of the foods they ordered at Satsuma:

People came and went throughout the event, with the event ending a little after 9 pm. Some people went off together in groups to do other things or to spend more time with each other. Others like me, went home to sleep 😪 on a nice full tummy 😋.

My overall opinion about the event was that it was a great success for everyone! The restaurant got discovered by many people who didn't know it existed, and they also got a lot of new customers who might come back on their own with friends and family. The people who also came out to the event, got to meet and spend time with new people in the area, so new connections and friendships could be made 💑!

Here is the video/vlog of this event:

Music: "Song: GrillaBeats [Prod. by UNRTHDX] - Sakura" By GrillaBeats [Prod. by UNRTHDX]


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