Lakme Eyeconic Kajal Eyeliner In Blue A Summer Spring Eye Makeup Look - Product Review with Swatches मेकअप आईलाइनर की समीक्षा - काजल आईलाइनर

It is time for another kajal eyeliner review! Since the season is about to change and get warm, I felt like changing up my eyeliner from its usual black to a softer vibrant dark blue. Blue eyeliner is so beautiful and it really stands out. It adds a softness to your face that black eyeliner usually doesn't. This softer eye look is perfect for the coming summer, so for this review, I will be reviewing the Lakme Eyeconic kajal in the color blue

This kajal eyeliner claims to last for 10 hours and it is suppose to be smudgeproof and waterproof. 

Is This Eyeliner Smudgeproof?

Yes it is. I left it on my eyes for over 5 hours and it did not budge at all. 

Is This Eyeliner waterproof?

Yes it is. If you allow the water to completely dry on top of the eyeliner, which will take about 1-2 minutes, then when you run your finger over the liner, it will not smudge. If you run your finger over the eyeliner though after it gets wet and before it dries completely, then it will smudge.

Eyeliner Application

I applied an eyeliner sealer/eye primer on top of both eyes before applying the Lakme kajal. On the left eye, I applied the kajal liner on top of eyeshadow. Here is how it looked:

On the right eye, I applied the eyeliner without eyeshadow, so I applied it directly to the eye. This is how it turned out:

This is how the eyeliner looked on both eyes together:

The eyeliner was a bit lighter in color when applied on top of eyeshadow, but not by much. In fact, both eyes with and without eyeshadow, looked extremely close in color. Without eyeshadow though, the line made with this liner did look smoother.

Final Thoughts: I absolutely love how this eyeliner looks; it is such a beautiful dark navy blue that really enhances the entire face. This blue Lakme Kajal is also really good quality since it does not smudge for hours, it glides on top of the eye very smoothly even when applied on top of eyeshadow, and it does not smudge when it gets wet. So I do definitely recommend these eyeliners to you all 💞! 

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Have fun playing with your eyeliner this coming summer! ☀

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