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Recently, I have been organizing events at a restaurant called Bonchon. During the last event there, 15 people came out for it and everyone got to meet new people, and enjoy good conversation and food 😋.

This particular Bonchon is great for events because it is big and the food is awesome! If you have never been to Bonchon before, it is a Korean restaurant that is known for its Korean fried chicken. It offers other Korean dishes as well of course, like kimchi 김치 (fermented vegetables), and some traditional Korean dishes like japchae 잡채 (a noodle dish), tteokbokki 떡볶이 (spicy peppered rice cakes), bibimbap 비빔밥 (a rice bowl with vegetables, meat, and a chili sauce), and bulgogi 불고기 (thinly sliced grilled marinated beef).

I really love Bonchon's food, so if you have not been there before, I highly recommend giving their food a try. Bonchon fried chicken is excellent, and every time I have had it, the meat was very flavorful and fresh. Generally, Bonchon restaurants have a much smaller more limited menu than most restaurants, so this may be why I found the food to be so fresh. Furthermore, Korean fried chicken 🍗 is unique because of its taste, which comes from how it is cooked. They cook their chicken by frying it twice. Once to cook the meat. Then the chicken is coated in their sauce, and it is fried again with the sauce on it so that the sauce permeates the chicken fully. Frying the chicken this way also makes it extra crispy, well done, and bursting with flavor. 

Korean fried chicken can be better than a lot of fried chicken sold at restaurants in the U.S. because the oil used tends to be fresher, it is much less likely to be undercooked and red in places, and it is not greasy and dripping with oil. So knowing what I know about Korean fried chicken, I had to order it, so I ordered both flavors that it comes in: Spicy and Soy Garlic:

The fried chicken comes with kimchi in the middle so that the meal is more balanced since the kimchi is a vegetable (usually cabbage or radishes). The kimchi that came with the fried chicken are radishes.

With the fried chicken, I also ordered one of my favorite Japanese dishes, takoyaki たこ焼き. Bonchon's don't offer many Japanese dishes, but they often do have takoyaki and udon うどん (a dish like ramen that is made with thick wheat noodles). Takoyaki 🐙 is a delicious dish that is shaped like balls that have cut up octopus inside of them. Takoyaki is made with a wheat batter and tempura scraps, so the texture is similar to biting into soft bread. 

Here is the takoyaki that I ordered:

Others who attended this event ordered:

Japchae 잡채

Bibimbap 비빔밥

And Cheese Tteokbokki 떡볶이 

In addition to food, I ordered two drinks. This particular Bonchon that I hosted the event at is unique from others because it offers drinks that I have never seen at other Bonchon's. The special drinks they have are slushies 🍹 and bubble tea (a drink made with tea, tapioca, sweetened milk, and/or flavorings)

The slushi flavors they have are: Peach, Mango, Strawberry, Coconut, Taro, Red Bean, Coffee Cappuccino, Coffee Mocha, Watermelon, and Vanilla

The bubble tea flavors they have are: Thai Tea, Japanese Milk Tea, Mango Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Matcha Milk Tea, Red Bean Milk Tea, Lychee Milk Tea, Papaya Milk Tea, Earl Grey Milk Tea, Honeydew Milk Tea, Watermelon Milk Tea, Vanilla Milk Tea, Coconut.

I ordered one slushi and one bubble tea. The slushi I ordered was the watermelon slushi 🍉:

The watermelon slushi was cooling and it wasn't very sweet, so I definitely will try another flavor next time I go to this Bonchon.

The other drink I ordered was a bubble milk tea. Since I love lychee, I decided to try the lychee bubble milk tea:

I have never had milk tea before so I was a bit adventurous to try it 😌. This drink is an acquired taste I think, so I did not like it as much as the slushi. The milk taste took over the flavor of the drink, and since I really wanted that lychee taste, I felt that this drink didn't really suit my tastes. I liked the slushi though so I will definitely try another flavor next time 😊.

In addition to slushies and bubble tea, this Bonchon had other drinks that are common in Korean restaurants, such as: beer맥주, soju (Korean vodka), cocktails, Japanese ramune soda, frozen daiquiris, wine, champagne, tea, soda, and sakes. The sakes offered at this Bonchon are bunraku sake, and flavored sakes in apple 🍎, lychee, and peach flavor.

Since I had two sweet drinks, I did not order dessert, but one of the people who came for the event did. She ordered tempura ice cream:

Since a good number of people came out to the event, the food was delicious and fresh, and the restaurant had a lot of space to accommodate big groups, I felt that the event was a success! So I will organize more events at this particular Bonchon in the future 💓!

I did vlog and make a video of this event at Bonchon so here it is: (I hope you all enjoy it! Until the next vlog! 이따 봐요! 💞

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