7 Of My Favorite Japanese Food Dishes - The Best Most Delicious Japanese Cuisine 日本料理, おいしい食べ物

My friends will all tell you that I love Japanese culture, language, and fashion, but that is not all that I love about Japan; I am also a fan of their food. Some foods more than others of course, so I will share with you my absolute favorite foods from Japan. These are the foods that I always recommend people try out 🍳!

Tempura 天ぷら🍤

Tempura is made by frying vegetables and seafood in a Japanese tempura batter. There are different types of tempura. If you are vegetarian or vegan, you can get vegetable tempura/yasai tempura 野菜天ぷら. Vegetable tempura is made by frying various vegetables, such as shiitake mushrooms, string/green beans, squash/kabocha, broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant/nasu 🍆, carrots/ninjin, sweet potatoes🍠, and/or green or red peppers しいたけ、インゲン、南瓜、ブロッコリー、カリフラワー、ナス、ニンジン、サツマイモ、ピーマン、赤ピーマン. If you are not vegetarian or vegan, you can also get shrimp/ebi tempura. 

Ramen ラーメン🍲
Photo by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

Ramen is made with Chinese wheat noodles 中華麺 in a pork, miso, curry, soy sauce, or salt broth/soup base 豚肉、カレー、醤油、スープベース. Japanese ramen comes with vegetables and meat, including a hard boiled or soft boiled egg, slices of pork 🐷, bean sprouts, spinach, ginger, green onions/scallions, seaweed, wakame, garlic, kelp, shiitake mushrooms, and/or dried fish flakes 野菜、肉、卵、豚肉、もやし、ほうれん草, しょうが、ねぎ、わかめ、わかめ、にんにく、昆布、しいたけ、干物フレーク. 

I love Japanese ramen, but I'm not a fan of pork, so I often get my ramen without pork.

Japanese barbecue バーベキュー

Japanese barbecue is harder to find than sushi and typical Japanese dishes like tempura. Japanese barbecue is similar to Korean barbecue, so when you order it, the meat comes raw, so you cook it yourself on a grill top. Sometimes you can get Japanese barbecue cooked in the kitchen and brought out to you cooked the way you want though. Regardless, since the meat usually comes raw, I always order very thinly cut meat, and I make sure to cook the meat until it is well done. 

When you order Japanese barbecue, you can order various meats or seafood, such as shrimp, beef 🐮, tongue, pork, or sausage エビ、牛肉、舌、豚肉、ソーセージ. 

Saba Shioyaki さば塩焼

This is a simple, but delicious Japanese dish. Saba shioyaki is mackerel that is grilled and cooked with salt. It is delicious because it is usually fresh, and it can be eaten with lemon and salt. I know many people love salmon, but I personally find mackerel to be far more delicious when cooked this way. If you have never tried this dish before, I highly recommend giving it a try. 

Beef Tongue 牛タン

This is one of those dishes that I never thought I would have ever tried, but once I tried it, I loved it! The beef tongue is simply grilled with some spices and you can cook it yourself on a grill top or the kitchen will cook it for you the way you want. One of the reasons I like beef tongue is because it is so thin that when you season it, it becomes very flavorful and the seasonings can coat it well. In addition, because it is so thin, you don't have to worry about undercooking it as much, so it is a safer food to eat. 

Takoyaki たこ焼き

Takoyaki has octopus たこ inside; it is a dish fried in a wheat batter with Japanese mayonnaise sauce マヨネーズ

 and bonito flakes かつおフレーク on top. This dish is made with green/spring onions, ginger, flour, and tempura scraps ネギ, ショウガ, 小麦粉, 天ぷらくず. I absolutely love this dish, so whenever I see this on a restaurant menu, I make sure to order it every time!

Unagi Donburi 🍚

Unagi donburi is a broiled eel dish with the eel on top of white rice. This dish is made with chives, vinegar, salt, sugar, spring onions, baby leeks, sesame oil, fish sauce or fish oil, or teriyaki sauce チャイブ、酢、塩、砂糖、ネギ、ごま油、魚醤、テリヤキソース. If you like chicken teriyaki, there is a good chance that you will like this dish as well, since the taste is similar. 

Have you ever eaten Japanese food before? What is your favorite dish 日本食を食べたことがありますか?好きな日本料理は何ですか?🍴?

Photo by Asif Aman on Unsplash

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