Product Review: K-beauty Inspired Joah Eye Candy Auto Eyeliner In Blue & Purple - TOTAL FAIL!

Hello everyone! A little while ago, I'm late I know sorry 😣, but a new beauty line was released in CVS. I was so excited about it because this line is VERY inexpensive, and it is inspired by K-beauty, which means that you are suppose to get K-beauty low prices and high quality, but conveniently here in the U.S. at the drugstore. The brand that I am talking about is called Joah. I think their name is based on 'choah/좋다' in Korean which means 'good'. I picked up a few of their products to review for you all while I was in CVS. In this first review, I will review their auto pencil eyeliners. I bought two colors to review: Navy and purple.

Shades: This eyeliner comes in six shades: Black, navy, black brown, brown, blackest black, and purple.

Price: This eyeliner is very cheap; it only costs between $2 - $5, depending on where you buy it.

Claims: The brand claims that this eyeliner is waterproof, applies easily because of its creamy silky formula, is non-drying, and lasts 24 hours.

Now that I told you all the major background information about these eyeliners, I am going to be honest with you all. I don't like these eyeliners at all, and as soon as this review goes up, they will be tossed in the bin. To be fair, you get what you pay for. An eyeliner that only costs $2 - $3 is not likely to be a high-performing eyeliner. All the Korean eyeliners that I have purchased cost me at least $8 - $12, and their quality was excellent, so that is something to keep in mind. 

Regardless, I was surprised by how many issues I had with these eyeliners, so I did go on Youtube to see what other beauty Youtubers had to say about them. I did noticed that all the reviews I found on Youtube were for Joah's liquid liners, not their auto pencil liners. Also, the beauty Youtubers who received Joah PR packages, ONLY received their liquid liners, so my experiences with these eyeliners makes sense. So do pay attention to what products brands send beauty Youtubers when choosing makeup for yourself because they will send their best products to them to avoid negative PR. 

Lastly, before jumping into the pictures and issues that I had, I do want to warn you that not all of Joah's makeup products are made in Korea. Some are made in China and Taiwan, so make sure that you check the back of each product to see where was is made before you buy it.

Now, let's get into this review!


I love dark blue eyeliner, especially in the summertime ☀, so I was so excited to see that they had this shade, and it was only $4 to boot! However, these eyeliners do not function as true eyeliners. They apply poorly. The color is not good, and they are horribly patchy and uneven. I also could not get these eyeliners to apply to the inner corner and outermost corner of my eyes either, no matter how many times I went over them. Interestingly enough though, when I swatched these eyeliners on my wrist, they didn't look uneven, but they don't apply to the eyes in the same way.

Application: I tried to apply this eyeliner in four different ways. I thought that maybe I just needed the right technique to apply them, so I applied them to my eyes using these methods:

A. Alone without primer, concealer, or eyeshadow
B. On top of eyeshadow
C. On top of eye primer only
D. On top of eye primer and concealer

No matter how I applied these eyeliners though, they did not look good on the eyes. On top of eyeshadow was the worst; these liners were even patchier and more uneven on top of eyeshadow. So for this eyeliner, I removed the eyeshadow, and applied the liner on top of eye primer only. 

Here is how this eyeliner looked on top of eye primer alone:

As you can see from this picture, this eyeliner would not apply to the inner corners or the very outermost corner of my eye. 


The Joah auto purple eyeliner had the exact same issues as the navy one did. 

I applied this eyeliner on top of eye primer and concealer, which gave me better results. However, this method only lessened the patchiness and unevenness a bit. Furthermore, I still was not able to get this eyeliner to apply to the outermost corner of my eyes. This method did make it apply to the inner corner of my eye though.

Here is how this eyeliner looked on my eyes on top of eye primer and concealer:

You can see from both pictures that both of these eyeliners are not very pigmented and they do not look good and appealing on the eyes AT ALL. 

Smudgeproof? No, they are not. I let them set for a few minutes, and then I ran over the swatch with my finger and it did smudge a lot.

Waterproof? No, it is not. When I ran my finger over the eyeliners while the liners were still wet, they did smudge a lot, but once I let the liners completely dry again, they barely smudged, but they did start to fade and disappear.

Smooth Application? It did glide on my eyes very easily and smoothly without tugging on them, so this is true.

Non-Drying? These eyeliners did not feel drying on my eyes, so this is true.

Lasts 24 hours? I can't speak on this since I didn't wear these eyeliners long. I was not willing to go outside with my makeup looking this bad, and to be honest, I was dying to wash my face and remove these eyeliners as soon as I applied them. So, I have no idea how long these eyeliners last on the eyes.

Final Thoughts: Given how these eyeliners looked on my eyes and all the issues I had with them, I do not recommend them. Now, I'm not sure what this brand's liquid liners are like, since I didn't pick any of them up, but based on the Youtube reviews, they seem more well-liked. 

If you are looking for inexpensive good quality eyeliners, then I recommend kajal eyeliners. When I compare kajal eyeliners to the Joah Eye Candy Auto Eyeliner pencils, The kajals are not patchy or uneven, and the pigmentation is much better. Here is a chart comparing these two side-by-side so that you can see the differences:

If you are interested in trying an herbal kajal liner, you can find them here.

Have any of you tried the Joah liquid eyeliners? How were they? If you tried them, would you recommend them to me? Do you think the quality is good?

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