K-beauty Clio Professional Gelpresso Eyeliners In Blue, Purple, Brown, & Black - Product Review

If anyone asked me what my favorite eyeliners are, I would say, "kajal eyeliners and the Clio Gelpresso eyeliners." When it comes to eyeliners, I expect good quality ones to have good pigmentation, and be dark and opaque; I shouldn't be able to see my skin underneath the eyeliner. Since the Clio Professional Gelpresso eyeliners are one of my favorite eyeliners, and have been for years now, they do meet all of my expectations, and more. So I am going to review these eyeliners for you today and show you how they look on the eyes with eyeshadow, and without it.

Clio Professional Gelpresso Eyeliners

The original version of these eyeliners (they ones I have), come in 18 different colors: 

  1. Beige Shine
  2. Golden Khaki
  3. Dark Choco
  4. Star Purple
  5. Golden Black
  6. Chic Navy
  7. Bloody Sweet
  8. Bloody Angel
  9. Bloody Devil 
  10. Black Brick
  11. Black Cherry
  12. Black Plum
  13. Metallic Silver 
  14. Jade Green
  15. Hawaiian Orange
  16. Deep Sea Blue
  17. Reef Green
  18. Gold Shine

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Clio has a new version of these eyeliners, and they come in 14 shades:

  1. Pink Shine
  2. Gilded Lemon
  3. Copper Sand 
  4. Maple Bronze
  5. Power Play 
  6. Fire Wood
  7. Vintage Cognac
  8. Dark Rose
  9. Pecan Twist
  10. Dark Choco
  11. Cinnamon Cocoa
  12. Midnight Gray
  13. Golden Black
  14. Emerald Lagoon

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These eyeliners vary in price from $9 - $20 a piece, depending on where you buy them.

Clio has every eyeliner color you could possible want in these eyeliners, from yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, red, black, brown, purple, to beige, so their selection is amazing. Of course, most people won't wear yellow, pink, or orange eyeliner, but they will wear them as eyeshadow, so these eyeliners are multi-functional since they can be worn as eyeliner or eyeshadow, and they can be worn alone.

The Clio Gelpresso eyeliner formula is imported from Italy.

These eyeliners are auto pencil liners, so you won't need to sharpen them 👍.

The brand claims that their formula is soft, smudge-proof, and waterproof. I will put these claims to the test 👀.

I bought five of these eyeliners in the shades: No. 4 Dark Choco, No. 5 Star Purple, No. 7 Golden Black, No. 8 Chic Navy (I bought two of this one as a backup).

No. 4 Dark Choco

Though this eyeliner is called dark choco, it is actually not that dark. It is a lighter brown that is too light in color to really accentuate my eyes because of my brown skin, so I prefer to use this eyeliner as a lipstick 👄; it gives me a beautiful pigmented brown lip color. In general, I find that brown eyeliners just aren't dark enough to show up on my brown skin, so I don't usually buy them, but I got this one because I knew it would be perfect as a lip color. 

Here is how this eyeliner looks with/on top of eyeshadow

Here is how this eyeliner looks when worn alone

No. 5 Star Purple

I love this purple. It has a lot of glitter it and it is dark enough to show up nicely on my brown skin. 

Here is how this eyeliner looks with/on top of eyeshadow

Here is how this eyeliner looks when worn alone

No. 7 Golden Black

I bought this eyeliner because it has a lot of glitter in it. I don't have any other glitter black eyeliners like this one, and I don't know many brands that make a glitter black eyeliner. Furthermore, because of the glitter, I love using this eyeliner as an eyeshadow as well. 

Here is how this eyeliner looks with/on top of eyeshadow

Here is how this eyeliner looks when worn alone

No. 8 Chic Navy

This is a beautiful blue color. It looks metallic in some lightings because you can see different shades of blue, and even hints of purple, gray, and black. 

Here is how this eyeliner looks with/on top of eyeshadow

Here is how this eyeliner looks when worn alone

Note: I did not tightline my eyes in any of the photos above, so that is why you can see a bit of gap near the lashline. I didn't tightline because I applied all of these eyeliners in one day 😡 so I knew my eyes would become more exhausted and look even redder if I tightlined them. When you apply them at home though, you can tightline them so that there is no gap near the lashline. 

As you can see from the swatches and how these eyeliners look on the eyes, they are very pigmented, vivid, and beautiful in color! I do definitely prefer to wear these eyeliners with eyeshadow because I feel that they come out looking prettier and more appealing for the eyes.

When it comes to the formula, these eyeliners apply like butter and they are very very soft. They don't tug or pull on your eyes at all. Be careful putting too much pressure on the eyeliner though because of how soft it is; it can break off if you apply too much pressure on it while lining your eyes.

Smudge-proof? Yes, these eyeliners are smudge-proof. Once they are on your eyes, they set and won't budge.

Waterproof? Yes, these are waterproof. When I ran my finger over the eyeliner while it was still wet, it didn't budge at all. Once the liner dried again, it also didn't budge when I ran my finger over it.

Thus, I can say that these eyeliners do everything that the brand claims they do.

Final Thoughts: I love these eyeliners and they are definitely high quality eyeliners. My eyes are very sensitive but these eyeliners don't bother my eyes. They are also comfortable to wear. 

I love the formula and how easy and smooth these eyeliners are to apply. These eyeliners will last years without drying out as well. Most eyeliners dry out in as little as a month to just a few weeks, so this is a huge benefit for these eyeliners. So, I do feel that these eyeliners are some of the best on the market since they are pigmented, and truly smudge-proof and waterproof. Thus, I do highly recommend these liners. 

Lastly, the Clio Gelpresso eyeliners are much more expensive than kajal liners, so I do only wear them for special occasions, like clubbing or party events. I prefer kajal eyeliners for day-to-day wear since you get much more product and they are inexpensive, but I do definitely suggest keeping a few of the Clio Gelpresso eyeliners on hand for those special days. 

I want to try the new formula for these eyeliners, so I think I will buy the Cinnamon Cocoa and the Emerald Lagoon to try out and review for you all. 

What is your favorite eyeliner brand? Any suggestions for me on eyeliners I should try?


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