My Top 5 Favorite Korean Cuisine - Restaurant Food Dishes 한국 요리 음식

Korean food is one of my favorite types of food, and there are many different dishes to try. The reason I love Korean food is because it tends to be spicy, and I love spicy foods. I also really like it because I feel it is healthier than many American foods since their dishes are made with a lot of red pepper 고추, garlic 마늘, spring onion , chili 칠리, ginger 생강, and vinegar 식초. I have tried many different Korean dishes, but out of all of the different ones that I have tried, a select few became my favorites. These dishes are my top five favorite Korean dishes of all time.

Korean barbecue 통구이

Korean barbecue is amazing. The meat tends to be very fresh, and the sauces that come with them make Korean barbecue stand out and very memorable. When you go for Korean barbecue, there is a stove top on top of the table at the center. The meats you order are then brought out and cut up for you. They are then cooked on top of this stove top right in front of you. You, or the server, will turn the food as it cooks so that the meat cooks well on both sides. 

Despite how it sounds, Korean barbecue is not limited to just meats; it also includes seafood. So when ordering Korean barbecue, you can choose to order: Chicken 닭고기 🍗, squid 오징어🐙, shrimp 새우 🍤, beef tongue 소 혀 🐮, beef intestine 소장, pork belly 삼겹살 🐷, prime pork 돼지 고기, beef 소고기, beef brisket 쇠고기 양지머리, prime ribs 갈비뼈 🍖, short ribs 짧은 갈비뼈, brisket 쇠고기 양지머리, and rib eye 갈비뼈 스테이크. I avoid pork, and intestines is too far outside my comfort zone 😐, so when I order Korean barbecue, I always order beef, chicken, shrimp, or squid. 

Japchae 잡채
"Japchae - 7 & 7 Korean" By Alpha:

Japchae is a Korean noodle dish that is made with sweet potato noodles. This dish is seasoned with meat 고기 (usually beef or chicken), garlic, sugar, soy sauce, sesame seeds, sesame oil, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, onions, chives, and green peppers. 마늘, 설탕, 간장, 참깨, 참기름, 표고 버섯, 당근, 양파, 향신료, 피망. I love the softness of these noodles and the fact that this dish is made with a healthier carb: sweet potatoes 고구마. So I feel that Japchae is lighter in calories and healthier than many other noodle dishes 🍝.

Korean fried chicken 
닭 튀김
"File:Korean fried chicken 2 yangnyeom.jpg" By Happy O'ne:

Korean fried chicken 🍗 is wonderful and probably my favorite dish out of all the foods listed here. I am someone who appreciates good fried chicken, and Korean fried chicken is so crispy, flavorful, and well-done, that it is just perfect. It is not overly greasy either, so it is very well-made. 

Korean fried chicken comes in two flavors: Spicy 매운 닭고기 and soy garlic 간장 마늘. You can order them as wings, strips, or thighs/drumsticks. The fried chicken comes in sets of six, ten, twenty, or thirty. I love both the spicy and soy garlic wings, but at some Bonchon's that serve Korean fried chicken, the spicy wings are sometimes too spicy for me to eat. Most of the time though, the spicy wings are the perfect level of spiciness. Whenever I am trying a new Korean fried chicken restaurant though, I always ask for soy garlic and two spicy wings just to be on the safe side 😣.

Tteokbokki 떡볶이
"Tteokbokki - Hello Cook AUD7" By Alpha:

Tteokbokki is a rice cake dish that is stir-fried. It is made with thick sticky chewy Korean rice cakes, onions, soup stock (seafood-based, usually anchovy), and fish cakes. 한국 떡, 양파, 수프 스톡, 떡. In some restaurants, tteokbokki will come with cheese, but everytime I have ordered it, I got it without cheese. I love this dish because of the flavor of the soup stock and the taste of the fish cakes; this dish has a very flavorful unique seafood flavor that I love. It might surprise you, but this dish is fairly easy to make, so it is a very popular street food in Korea. 

Seafood Pajeon 해물파전

I absolutely love Korean pancakes, pajeon. Korean seafood pajeon is made with green onions/scallions, sesame seeds, sesame oil, oysters, clams, squid, shrimp, garlic, chili flakes, vinegar, egg 🍳, flour, and soy sauce. 부추, 참깨, 참기름, 굴, 조개, 오징어, 새우, 마늘, 칠리 플레이크, 식초, 계란, 밀가루, 간장. The reason I love seafood pajeon is because it is very flavorful, and the sauces that come with it make it taste fantastic. Flavor and freshness is everything when it comes to good food 🍲. 

Korean food is amazing, and many of the spices they use to make their food are very healthy and flavorful. Though a lot of Korean food is spicy, not all of it is spicy, so there are dishes that will appeal to many different tastes. If you have never tried Korean food before, I highly recommend giving it a try!


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