Harajuku Fashion Walk #4 Cute Kawaii Fashion Style 原宿ファッション, かわいいファッション

I attended my fourth Harajuku Fashion Walk recently, so I wanted to share it with you all. If you are not familiar with Harajuku Fashion, it includes a variety of fashion styles from multi-colored hair, goth, punk, rock, kawaii (cute girl), lolita (European and Victorian style clothing), gyaru (tan dark skin & wild sexy clothing and makeup), Japanese traditional mixed with Western (traditional Japanese clothing such as kimono and yukata paired with Western clothing like jeans and heels), cosplay (dressing as anime characters), to Visual Kei styles カラフルヘア、ゴシック、パンク、ロッカー、カワイイ、ロリータ、ギャル、着物、浴衣、ビジュアル系、コスプレファッション.

This Harajuku fashion walk took place down by the Waterfront in Washington DC. The walk started at a coffee shop, and then we walked to Pralines Bakery for some macaroons 私たちはコーヒーショップとパン屋に歩いて行きましたそれからマカロンを食べました 🍬.

We then started to walk again, and we made our way down to the water alongside the peer. Many people were in the area eating outside; children were playing in the water in the little water park; there were outdoor TVs playing sports games, and we even got to see a performance by a singer.

Each Harajuku fashion walk is different. At this one, the lovely fashionistas were sporting anime clothing, bags, and accessories アニメの服、バッグ、アクセサリー. Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus, Luna, and Hello Kitty could be seen, as well as the American Polly Pocket 美少女戦士セーラームーン, セーラーヴィーナス, ルナ, キティ・ホワイト

The amazing fashionistas who attended this fashion walk wore the colorful cute kawaii fashion style かわいいファッション

If you want to join the Harajuku fashion scene in Washington DC, there are two groups you can join: DMV Harajuku and DC Kawaii Style. Both groups are on Facebook. These groups meet each month to do a Harajuku fashion walk. 

If you could attend a Harajuku fashion walk, which fashion style would you go for どんなファッションが好きですか?

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