Product Review: Cruelty Free Makeup - CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir Liquid Foundation

Hello everyone! It is time for another product review. The product I will review today is the: CoverGirl Vitalist Healthy Elixir liquid foundation in the shade 760 Classic Tan.

Cost: $6.99 - $10 depending on where you buy it.

Cruelty Free: Yes, CoverGirl is cruelty free; they don't test on animals 🐰.

Brand Promises: CoverGirl promises that this foundation: Will hydrate your skin, make it look flawless, have buildable coverage, be lightweight, be oil free, minimize oily shine, glide on smoothly, and give your skin a healthy luminous glow. 

Shade Range: This foundation has 14 shades. About four of the 14 shades are for darker more tan women like me. The shade that I have is the shade 760 Classic Tan, which is the second darkest shade. 

I am a little disappointed by the shade range. Normally CoverGirl is really good about having a fair shade range, but considering that there are 14 shades in total and only 4 are darker shades, CoverGirl could have done a lot better to make this foundation more tan/dark girl-friendly.

This Foundation Has/Ingredients:

  • SPF 20
  • Vitamin-Infused/Vitamin Complex
  • Antioxidants
  • Vitamins: E, B3, B5
  • Contains silica
  • Has around 24 ingredients in it
Scent: This foundation has a very slight perfume scent that is mixed with that traditional clay smell that most foundations have. The scent for this foundation is very unique. 

Packaging:  I love the top on this foundation. The packaging and top make it look more expensive, and they feel sturdy. The packaging also has a pump so that the foundation will last longer since you won't be able to contaminate it, and you can control how much product comes out. 

How This Foundation Looks On The Skin

My Skin Type: I had normal skin since I was a child, but recently it has become oily

Before Foundation

After Foundation


Wear Test: I wore this foundation for almost 7 1/2 hours, and it stayed on all day long.

Finish: This foundation looks natural, blends beautifully into the skin, really smooths out the skin, and gives an airbrushed finish. 

This foundation absorbs into the skin quickly and it feels like there is nothing on your skin. 

Coverage: This foundation has good coverage. It has medium to almost full coverage. You can also layer it for more coverage.

Dark Circles: This foundation greatly lessened the darkness under my eyes. 

Oily: This foundation did get oily towards the end of the day, so you should set it with powder to reduce oiliness. 

Lines/Under Eye: I can still see the lines under my eyes with this foundation on, but this foundation did make them less noticeable. This foundation also did not settle into my smile lines.

Does The foundation Do What It Promises?

Yes, I definitely did do feel that it did almost everything that it promised it would. applied easily and smoothly; it definitely gave my skin a very healthy luminous glow; my skin felt hydrated; I looked airbrushed flawless and smooth, and it does have buildable coverage. 

However, this foundation did get oily through the day, so it does not minimize oily shine. In fact, since this is a hydrating foundation, I don't recommend it for people with oily skin. 

Final Thoughts: I am very impressed with this foundation. I love the glow it adds to the skin and how it looks, so it has made its way to my list of favorite foundations, so I highly recommend this foundation. 

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