UTI From The Chicken Meat You Eat From Restaurants & Grocery Stores - Hidden Causes of Urinary Tract Infections In Women

Lately, I have been getting sick from eating out more than usual. It seems that almost every time I eat out, my body doesn't feel right, so I have been very strict and limiting what I eat. The listeria recalls have made me afraid to eat vegetables; we just recently had a massive egg recall because of salmonella just earlier this year starting around April 2019, and my sister got sick from avocados earlier this year as well. I personally have been feeling ill after eating chicken 🐤 in restaurants. I expected there to be problems with vegetables 🌽, but because meat has to be cooked for so long, I thought it would be safe. However, the last few times I ate chicken, I did not feel right in my bladder region. To my horror, I even seemed to develop an odor overnight. So this prompted me to do some research on poultry and I am going to share what I discovered with you all, as well as explain why women particularly, should avoid eating chicken in restaurants for a while.

Chicken Meat Carries Many Diseases, Bacteria, & Illnesses That Transfer To Humans

Chickens carry many diseases, just like all animals do, but the real problem that causes health issues in humans comes from how we handle and treat our chickens. We keep chickens in the filthiest most unhealthy living conditions ever. Chickens are kept so close to each other that diseases and illnesses spread like wildfire among them. When these chickens are sold to us in stores and restaurants, they are processed in less than ideal or hygienic conditions, so there is a lot of bacteria, fungi, and even diseases in chicken meat. 

Campylobacter, Salmonella, & Clostridium Bacteria From Chickens

"Chicken is often contaminated with Campylobacter bacteria and sometimes with Salmonella and Clostridium perfringens bacteria. If you eat undercooked chicken or other foods or beverages contaminated by raw chicken or its juices, you can get a foodborne illness, which is also called food poisoning" ("Chicken and Food Poisoning", CDC).

Animal Blood Transmits Diseases

Too often the chicken meat sold in grocery stores and served at restaurants is undercooked. I have received chicken with blood still showing in it so many times at restaurants that I have learned never to order certain chicken dishes without telling the waiter to make it well done. Animal blood, just like human blood, carries many diseases. Contact with contaminated human blood can even spread AIDS, and contact with contaminated animal meat, which contains the animal's sweat and blood, can cause you to come down with any number of diseases as well. So contact with animal and human blood should be avoided at all costs. 

Ironically, if you search online, you will see many websites, even government sites, that tell you that HIV can't be spread through food and water. I don't know where this came from because it is well-known that the first case of SIV, which is identical to HIV, came from monkeys eating monkeys that had the virus. In fact, in the first case of SIV, it was found that it could cross species.

"HIV is a type of lentivirus, which means it attacks the immune system. In a similar way, the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) attacks the immune systems of monkeys and apes...In 1999, researchers found a strain of SIV (called SIVcpz) in a chimpanzee that was almost identical to HIV in humans...The researchers who discovered this connection concluded that it proved chimpanzees were the source of HIV-1, and that the virus had at some point crossed species from chimps to humans. The same scientists...discovered that the chimps had hunted and eaten two smaller species of monkeys (red-capped mangabeys and greater spot-nosed monkeys). These smaller monkeys infected the chimps with two different strains of SIV. The two different SIV strains then joined together to form a third virus (SIVcpz) that could be passed on to other chimps. This is the strain that can also infect humans" ("Origin of HIV & AIDS", Avert).

Bird Flu, West Nile Virus, & E.coli Infections From Chickens

Regardless of what you may believe about how HIV spreads, you should still avoid eating undercooked meats, and definitely do not eat any meat where you can still see blood inside of it without cooking it longer. Furthermore, with medical knowledge continuing to expand, we are now aware of far more illnesses that come from chickens besides Clostridium, Salmonella, and Campylobacter

Other diseases that can be shared between humans and chickens include: Bird Flu (aka Avian Influenza), West Nile Virus, and E. coli

E.Coli From Chickens Cause UTI's

E.coli is a problem, especially when women eat it because it can lead to vaginal bacterial infections/UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections). 

"When we compared the fingerprints of the E. coli from the poultry and the human UTI cases, we found there's an overlap of some genotypes...why (do) UTI cases have the same E. coli we find in poultry...(Dr. Riley's) hypothesis? Some of the UTI patients are getting infection from meat. UTIs cause pelvic pain or burning with urination, a frequent urge to urinate, possible fever and other symptoms. Women have shorter urethras than men, and they tend to experience UTIs more often..." ("Did Your UTI Come From a Chicken Coop?" Karen Pallarito, 2017, WebMD).

Antibiotics Fed To Chickens Are Linked To Cancer

Diving even deeper, there is a cancer risk associated with chicken meat because illegal drugs are fed to them before they are processed and sent to grocery stores and restaurants for us to buy and eat. 

"The drugs fed to chickens are one reason used to explain why poultry has been tied to increased cancer risk...The most concerning drugs currently in the U.S. poultry supply are the antibiotics...Ironically, not only may antibiotics in chicken contribute to antibiotic resistant infections, but to the infections in the first place...Then as if adding potentially harmful chemicals to the chickens themselves wasn’t bad enough, more are added in the processing plant" ("Illegal Drugs in Chicken Feathers", Michael Greter, 2014, Nutritionfacts).

Yeast Infections In Chickens Cause UTI's

Yeast infections are another concern that causes vaginal infections in women. It might surprise you, but chickens get infected with mold and yeast infections. 

"Molds and yeasts can infect and sicken backyard chickens under the right circumstances...Aspergillus mold organisms grow in every chicken’s environment, flourishing in damp bedding and rotten coop wood...The most common form of Aspergillus mold infection is brooder pneumonia, a lung and air-sac disease of chicks. Less-common forms of aspergillosis affect eyes, skin, brain, or bones. Chicks affected by brooder pneumonia gasp, lose their appetite, and look sleepy...Unfortunately no effective drug treatment or vaccination is available for brooder pneumonia...Candidiasis, also known as thrush, is caused by the yeast Candida albicans, and it affects the mouth, crop, gizzard, or vent of many types of birds, including chickens...The outward signs of candidiasis aren’t very obvious" ("How to Recognize Fungal Infections in Chickens: Molds and Yeasts", Julie Gauthier, Dummies.com).


Chickens today are so contaminated because of the poor treatment, feeding, and cramped conditions that we put them in, that diseases are rampant among them. We need to understand that how we treat the animals that we raise for food, determines the quality of the meat they provide us. Since animals are treated so poorly in order to cut costs and to sell as much meat as quickly as possible, our meat today is often pretty low quality. 

We get sick from the meats we eat because the illnesses that animals get can pass to us when we eat them in undercooked meats. Animals have better immune systems than we do, but they still can't fight everything. In addition to the illnesses mentioned here, animals also develop common illnesses from tick bites, fleas, Ringworm, bedbugs, and chiggers. Thus, in order to prevent getting illnesses from the meat we eat, we must cook all meat thoroughly so that it is well done, and/or we must insist on change and better healthier living and treatment conditions for the animals we raise to eat. 

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