Natural Herbal Makeup Eyeliner Pencil Review: Himalaya Black Kajal Liner मेकअप आईलाइनर की समीक्षा - काजल आईलाइनर

Hello everyone! By now you all must know how much I love kajal eyeliners, so it is time to review another one. The kajal eyeliner that I will review today is the Himalaya Eye Kajal.

Cost: 💵 $3-$14 depending on where you buy it.

Ingredient List

1. Triphala: Is a unique herbal composite of three power-packed berries. Triphala acts as an eye tonic and it is an herbal concoction of the Indian Gooseberry, Inknut, and Beleric Myrobalan fruits. Triphala's anti-inflammatory properties help reduce eye redness and swelling.

2. Almond Oil: Nourishes the lashes. 

3. Castor Oil: Is an emollient or skin softener. Castor oil also acts as a protective barrier between the skin and harsh environmental conditions such as wind, dust, and dry air. 

4. Damask Rose: Is known for its cooling properties, which help overcome eye strain. 

5. Camphor: Aids in retaining eye moisture, which helps keep the eyes hydrated. 

Size: You can buy this kajal in a small or large full-size. I bought the small size, which still lasts months.


How This Kajal Looks On The Eyes

Both Eyes: I applied kajal on top of concealer and set it with baby powder.

Left Eye

I did not apply an eye primer on this side. I applied the kajal directly to my eye on top of concealer. I applied a natural organic baby powder underneath the line I made with this liner on the lower lash line to help set it and stop it from moving around so much. This really helped because the liner smudged and moved around much less when I did this.

Right Eye

I applied this kajal on top of an eye primer and concealer. The eye primer made it smoother and easier to apply, so I recommend making it a habit to apply kajal on top of an eye primer. I also recommend setting your kajal with an organic natural baby powder every time as well. I set it with baby powder by applying the baby powder underneath the liner on the lower lash line.

After applying the eyeliner, I then took an eyeshadow brush and applied a pink eyeshadow above my liner since it is now summer ☀ (I love pink eyeshadows in the summer time 😍). Kajal liners apply and look much better when you apply the eyeshadow in this way, rather than apply the eyeshadow first, and the kajal on top of it. Applying kajal on top of your eyeshadow will reduce the color and pigmentation greatly, so I don't apply eyeshadow the traditional way when wearing kajal.

Review/Experiences With This Kajal

Smudgeproof: It is not smudgeproof. This kajal smudged immediately until I set it with baby powder, so it smudges much more than other kajals.

Waterproof: It is not waterproof. The color/darkness of this kajal even lightens a lot once it gets wet.

Application: This kajal was hard to apply. It moved around a lot! It also transferred to the upper lid, but once it dried down, it didn't transfer again. Since this kajal moved around a lot, I had to reapply it several times, and it took much longer than normal to apply.

Color: This kajal is dark in just one swipe, and it gets even darker when you layer it.

Removal: This kajal does not remove easily with soap and water ⛆, so you will need to use oil to remove it. I always use oil to remove my eye makeup to make sure that I remove all of it in order to prevent darkening in my under eye area, so this is a good habit to have.

Final Thoughts

I like how this kajal looks, especially when worn with eyeshadow. I also love the ingredient list. However, the way this kajal smudges, the way it starts to fade when it gets wet, the way it moves around so much, and how difficult and time-consuming it is to apply, makes me not recommend it, especially not for beginners. Since there are other kajals out there that aren't this difficult to work with, I think you should pass on this one. 

SECRET BEAUTY TIP: Whenever I want my eyeliner to smudge as little as possible, I always apply a natural organic baby powder to a makeup sponge, and then apply that baby powder directly on top of my liner. This makes the liner set and move around much less throughout the day. Fortunately, kajals are so dark in color, that even with white baby powder on top of it, it is still quite pigmented. When I want the liner to be even darker, I will apply a black eyeshadow on top of the liner, which helps reduce and prevent smudging even more.

If you are interested in trying an herbal kajal liner, you can find them here in my store. If you are interested in face stickers, fake nose studs/bindis, you can find them here. 

Have fun playing with your eyeliner this summer! ☀

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