Product Review: Herbal Natural Makeup Eyeliner Review: Eyetex Black Kajal Liner मेकअप आईलाइनर की समीक्षा - काजल आईलाइनर

Today I will review another kajal eyeliner. The one I will review this time is a kajal liner that I sell in my health and beauty store. Of course, this will be an honest review 100%. If I find anything wrong with this kajal during this review, I will not restock it in my store. However, I have confidence in this brand so I am sure it will pass my review. So, without any further ado, here is the review for the Eyetex Kajal Eyeliner.

Cost: I sell this kajal in my store for less than $6

Ingredients: When Eyetex first started, they burned castor oil to make their liner, which also purified it. Today, Their ingredients have changed and there are more herbal ingredients in them. Castor oil is still a main ingredient in their kajal liners though. Their most recent formula for their newest kajal, the Eyetex Kajal Supreme Max Herbal kajal, has these kinds of natural ingredients in it:

1. Castor Oil
2. Aloe Vera
3. Anthemis Nobilis/Chamomile
4. Berberis Aristata/Tree Turmeric
5. Calendula Officinalis/Marigold
6. Cineraria Maritima
7. Eclipta Alba
8. Emblica Officinalis/Amla
9. Euphrasia Officinalis/Eyebright
10. Terminalia Chebula/Myrobalan

So the Eyetex kajal liners are great for those who want natural herbal makeup products. Furthermore, the brand promises that their kajals will not irritate the eyes. I definitely found this to be true. Though I am very sensitive to the ingredients in eyeliner and mascara particularly, the Eyetex kajal did not bother my eyes. In truth, I started wearing kajals because they never irritate my eyes. Their natural ingredients are safer for my eyes.

How Dark Is This Kajal?


How Does This Kajal Look On The Eyes?

Left Eye

I applied the kajal on top of eye primer and concealer, but I did not apply eyeshadow on this eye. I did apply natural organic baby powder under the liner on the lower lash line to help set the liner here and help reduce and prevent smudging.

Right Eye

On this eye, I applied the kajal on top of eye primer and concealer. After applying the kajal, I then took an eyeshadow brush and applied a light-colored eyeshadow above my liner. Kajal liners apply and look much better when you apply the eyeshadow in this way, rather than applying the eyeshadow first, and the kajal on top of it. Applying kajal on top of your eyeshadow will reduce the color and pigmentation greatly, so I don't apply eyeshadow the traditional way when wearing kajal.

Like with my left eye, I also put baby powder underneath the liner on this eye on the lower lash line.

Both Eyes

Review/Experiences With This Kajal

Color: This kajal is a beautiful shade of black; it looks beautiful on camera and in person. It is also very dark in color in just one swipe, and it is even darker when you layer it.

Smell: This kajal does have a smell; it has an incense smell to it. It is an herbal natural eyeliner though, so there is no chemical smell. Furthermore, the smell goes away after you apply it and start moving around; the smell is nothing like perfume/parfum, where the chemicals used to create the smell can give people headaches.

Smudgeproof: No it is not smudgeproof.

Waterproof: No it is not waterproof, but it did smudge a lot when it got wet. On the other hand, the color/pigmentation did not lighten or fade after it got wet.

Application: I was able to apply this kajal quickly, and it was easier, smoother, and faster to apply compared to some other kajals that I have tried.

Removal: This kajal does not remove with soap and water alone, you will need to use oil or an oil cleanser to remove it. I always use oil (usually olive oil) to remove my eye makeup to make sure that I remove all of it in order to prevent darkening in the under eye area anyway as a good skincare rule, so this is a good habit to have if you wear eyeliner often.

Final Thoughts

I like how this kajal looks on the eyes. It really adds a beautiful seductiveness to the eyes. I was also able to apply this kajal easily and quickly, and the pigmentation is nice and dark, so I don't have any complaints about this kajal. Thus, I do think the Eyetex kajals are good quality so I do recommend them.

SECRET BEAUTY TIP: Whenever I want my eyeliner to smudge as little as possible, I always apply a natural organic baby powder to a makeup sponge, and then apply that baby powder directly on top of my liner. This makes the liner set and move around much less throughout the day. Fortunately, kajals are so dark in color, that even with white baby powder on top of it, it is still quite pigmented. When I want the liner to be even darker, I will apply a black eyeshadow on top of the liner, which helps reduce and prevent smudging even more.

If you are interested in trying an herbal kajal liner, you can find them here in my store. If you are interested in face stickers, fake nose studs/bindis, you can find them here. 

Have fun playing with your eyeliner this summer! ☀

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