Product Review: Boots No. 7 Airbrush Away Liquid Foundation Makeup Cosmetic Review

Hello everyone! Today I will review an airbrush foundation. The foundation that I will review today is the No.7 Airbrush Away Foundation. I have a lot to say about this foundation, so grab a cup of coffee or tea 🍵 and get nice and comfy, cause here we go 😉!

Cost: $8 - $18 depending on where you buy it

Ingredients: This foundation has 20 ingredients in it. I am very happy about the small ingredient list since this is not a natural or organic product.

This foundation has a few ingredients in it that are good for the skin, including:

1. Blurring Powders
2. Berryflux Vita (Hydrates Skin)
3. Silica
4. Rubus Idaeus Leaf Cell Culture
5. Water

Shades: This foundation has a nice shade range. There are 12 shades.

1. Calico
2. Chestnut (dark)
3. Cool Beige
4. Cool Ivory
5. Cool Vanilla
6. Deeply Beige
7. Honey
8. Latte
9. Warm Beige
10. Warm Ivory
11. Wheat
12. Toffee

I have the shade Toffee, which is the darkest shade.


Brand Promises/What The Brand Says About This Foundation

  • This foundation is suppose to be for all skin types, including sensitive skin. 
  • Coverage is medium and it is buildable. 
  • This foundation blurs fine lines and pores for velvety smooth flawless looking skin in every light.
  • This foundation is hypo-allergenic.
  • This foundation will make your complexion look perfect and it feels light on the skin.
  • This foundation glides over the skin like liquid silk.
  • This foundation feels velvety smooth to the touch; it is ultra-comfortable to wear.
  •  This foundation gives a radiant finish and makes your skin look airbrushed. 
  • This foundation is fragrance-free
  • This foundation is Non pore blocking.
  • This foundation won't need to be retouched.
  • This foundation is made in Italy.

How This Foundation Looks On The Skin

My Skin Type: I had normal skin since I was a child, but recently it has become oily.

Before Foundation (No Face Makeup)

After Foundation

Experiences With This Foundation

Appearance: This foundation looks beautiful on the skin; it really makes the skin glow and look airbrushed, perfect, and smooth. I feel that if you set this foundation with powder, it will work wonderfully.

Application: This foundation glides so smoothly across the skin; it is unbelievably soft to apply. It literally feels like you are moving baby powder or a light oil across your skin. The downside to this though is that it is a very heavy oil-based formula, so if you have oily skin, you may not like this foundation. In addition, the high oiliness of this foundation can cause streaking in places where you did not fully blend it, as well as patches of skin showing through where you missed applying the product.

Applicator: This foundation comes with a dropper applicator, but nothing comes out really when I press it, so I have to put it directly onto my skin to get a decent amount of product out of it. So, the applicator is defective and it is not hygienic.

Lines: This foundation didn't settle into the lines on my face or under my eyes.

Dark Circles: This foundation is very moisturizing for the under eye area, but it does nothing to improve or cover up dark circles.

Coverage: This foundation is definitely full coverage.

Smell: There is no perfume smell, but there is a sort of sour clay smell. I have never had a foundation that smelled quite like this one before.

Final Thoughts

I do love this foundation and how it looks. It really looks beautiful. The coverage is amazing, as well as the small ingredient list. This foundation is also one of the few that will work well with older more mature skin since it did not settle into the lines under my eyes or on my face in my smile lines.

When it comes to what the brand promises, I do feel that this foundation does everything that it promises.

In terms of oiliness, I think that people with oily skin will not likely like this foundation because it may make them look even oilier, but if you have dry skin, I think this foundation will work perfectly for you. If you have normal skin, I recommend setting it with powder for a perfect finish.

I am in love with this foundation, and though my skin is oily now, it takes a good while for me to start to look greasy with it on, so if you set it with powder and your skin is not too oily, this foundation may work beautifully for you as well. So I absolutely do recommend trying out this foundation.

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