Hair Product Review: Organic Cruelty-Free Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk With Silk Protein Sulfate Free Color Safe Haircare

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Today I will be reviewing a very popular hair brand, Shea Moisture. There was actually a bit of a scandal surrounding Shea Moisture. Apparently, they decided to branch out and change their formula to accommodate Caucasian hair types, so many Black women felt that they could no longer use their products, since it may not work as well on their hair with the change in formula. Black women had a strong response to this change because Shea Moisture was recognized as a mostly Black brand, so I think some felt the change was a bit of a betrayal.

Personally, I think it is good that the brand is expanding, but I am not sure if the results I had with this product will be the same if you buy it now because when I purchased this product, it was before they changed their formula. So this is something to keep in mind while reading this review. Basically, just take this review with a grain of salt. 

Cost: $9-$14 depending on where you buy it. 

Shea Moisture is cruelty-free and certified organic.

Ingredients: One of the reasons that I love Shea Moisture is because of their natural and organic ingredient list; it has many great ingredients in it. Their products are made without a lot of the harmful ingredients that are traditionally found in hair products.

Here is the full ingredient list

Brand Promises: Shea Moisture promises to add shine and moisture to your hair; it is color safe, and it is suppose to prevent frizz, condition the hair, detangle it, and control the curls

Smell: This style milk has a sweet coconut smell to it.

Texture: This hair product has a cream jelly like feel to it.

Applying The Product To My Hair

I applied this hair product after washing my hair. I detangled my hair, and then I separated my hair into four sections, two on each side of my head. Then I added about a nail size amount of this hair styling milk to each individual section of hair. I combed it through each section, and then I braided them. I blow-dried my hair for about 8 minutes to get it drying, and then I left my hair to air dry in the four braids while I slept. When I woke up, I took my hair down to see the results.

How This Product Looked On My Hair


When I took my hair down, it was completely dry. The curls were shiny, absolutely stunning. The roots of my hair were smoothed out, and my hair had a lot of body, bounce, and mobility, more so than any other product I have tried so far. 

My curls looked individually defined, but I don't prefer the kind of curly hair style that this product created for me personally because it made my hair look more wild with curls going every which way. The best way to describe the way my hair looked is that healthy afro look. This style is very popular though with many Black women, so if this is the kind of style you want, this product will give it to you. 

For me personally, I prefer soft wavy curls because I have more control over the style and I feel that it compliments my face shape more.

Final Thoughts

I absolutely love the curl pattern, body, and thickness that this hair product created in my hair; it made my curls look so beautiful, healthy, and stunning. I am not into the afro hair style for me personally, but if I mix this product with one of my hair gels, I think it will give me the perfect style, so I will experiment and play around with this hair product throughout the summer.

Do I recommend this hair product? ABSOLUTELY! It really makes the hair look beautiful, so I highly recommend this hair product for you guys. 

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