Is It Truly Impossible To Grow A Tooth In Old Age? Miracles Of The Elderly Regrowing New Teeth Around The World - True Stories Even Found In The Guiness Book Of World Records

Our teeth are so important, in part, because we need them to eat, which is required to live, but also because they are very close to our brain. After all, our teeth are connected to organs, tissues, and glands that serve different functions in our bodies throughout our lives, so they are very important to us; this is why we dedicate time to our teeth each day. 

Unfortunately, even when people try their best to take care of their teeth, they often fall short and still have problems. The reason for this is because they are not using the right products and ingredients on their teeth, and they follow a lot of misinformation about teeth that is available online. 

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Thus today, I will present some information to you all about something that I feel is not always true about teeth, and that is that you cannot have a new tooth grow in your mouth when you get old.

A few years ago, my dentist and I watched a baby tooth grow in my mouth in my twenties, so I personally believe that anything is possible. I believe that miracles like this can happen if your mouth and body is healthy enough, you just need to give your teeth the best environment that can help promote tooth health and growth. 

There are cases online where the elderly have grown a new tooth, whether by accident and no effort on their part, or by actively taking good care of their teeth:

Read the full article here:

Read the full article here:

Read the full article here:

Miracles happen all the time, but in this case, there are too many cases of the elderly regrowing teeth for it to be a miracle. This proves that regrowing teeth is not so much a miracle, as it is a possibility that can happen under the right circumstances if the body and mouth is kept healthy enough.

Traditional medicine is much more advanced today than it has been in the past, in part, because it accepts and incorporates some natural medicine, and because studies are much more open-minded and diverse. A great example is oxygen therapy. Today we know things that people didn't know in previous generations. There is even more progress being made now that shows a promising hopeful future for us all:

"Provocative new research suggests that cell-stimulating medications can trick teeth into repairing themselves. If these small molecule drugs work as well as scientists think they will, we may be on the cusp of a new era in which dental tissue and even entire teeth can be regrown. And this is only one of several new approaches that hold promise for tooth regeneration...scientists at the University at Buffalo in New York are exploring an even more radical way to regrow teeth. A team led by Dr. Praveen Arany, assistant professor of oral biology at the university, is testing the use of low-power laser light to stimulate tooth regeneration" ("The next revolution in dental care is about to begin", 2018, David Cox, NBC News).

Though I do not have faith in stem cells, I do feel that laser therapy may be promising. I also know personally that natural medicine can help stimulate tooth growth when mixed the right way to fit each person's needs, because I used it myself to heal my cavities, strengthen my enamel, heal cracks and chips in my teeth, and to grow my new baby tooth to full size

Whether you have lost your teeth, have partial or full dentures, or you want your mouth to be healthier to encourage the possibility of tooth regrowth, then you must start by educating yourself on teeth. Learn all that you can about teeth, but understand that not everything you read online is accurate. It does not benefit dentists if everyone learns how to improve their teeth on their own because it takes away from their profits and livelihood, so there will be false information online to discourage and mislead you.

Regardless, education is your best bet, and the right education could help you save many of your teeth and improve the health of your entire mouth for decades to come. 

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