Product Review: Herbal Natural Blue Heaven Kajal Pencil Eyeliners In Blue, Pearl Black, & Purple - FAIL मेकअप आईलाइनर की समीक्षा - नीला स्वर्ग काजल

Hello ladies! It is time for another kajal eyeliner review! In this review, I will be reviewing three kajal eyeliners in the same line by the brand Blue Heaven. Most kajal eyeliners come in only one shade, which is black, but Blue Heaven has a line of colorful kajal eyeliners, which come in seven additional shades: silver, green, purple, blue, black pearl, red, and gold. The three shades that I purchased to review are 03 Blue, 04 Black Pearl, and 07 Purple.

These kajal liners are harder to find than the traditional black kajal liners, but I was able to hunt them down online. They cost about $6 each.

Packaging: The packaging for these liners looks nice on the outside, and I do love the twist off top, which is more convenient than the pull off top that kajals always come with. However, despite this things, the packaging is quite bad. The packaging is very fragile; drop it once and they will likely crack and break. I dropped all of these for the first time, and two of them completely broke off and became unusable. 

In terms of the actual product itself, it is just as fragile as the packaging. In addition, the product does not look as smooth and neat as the traditional black kajals do. The fact that these kajals are far more fragile than other kajals that I have ever used, makes them very inefficient and costly. 

Another thing that is troublesome about the packaging is that the color on the packaging does not match the actual color of the product, so you don't know what color you are really getting until you open the packaging.

Application: Using an eyeshadow brush to apply and spread the product made them look terrible, so you can only really apply these kajals the way you would apply an eyeshadow crayon. Also, since these kajals are so fragile, you have to put little to no pressure on them because they will snap off. I found that I had to physically touch the product itself and hold the kajals at the base while applying them to prevent them from breaking off, but this contaminates the product and is unhygienic, so this is a problem.

Formula: The formula for these kajals is smooth, soft, and it glides across the eye easily. However, you will need to layer these kajals though numerous times in order to get good pigmentation, so this is also not very cost effective 😞.

Smudgeproof/Waterproof: One amazing thing about these kajals is that they are completely smudgeproof and waterproof.

Removal: These kajals remove easily. All I had to do was wipe it with a paper towel, and it came right off. 

How These Kajals Look On The Eyes

03 Blue

This blue kajal is my favorite shade out of all three of these kajals. It is a stunning blue color. It is sheer though, it doesn't apply evenly, and it is streaky. Also, this kajal was the only one among these three that was hard to apply. I had to press firmly to get it to apply to my eye, and it tugged on my eye.

04 Black Pearl

This shade is more of a dark steel gray with a black undertone than a pearl black. Pearl blacks generally have glitter and look more like the night sky 🌉.

07 Purple

This shade is my second favorite out of all of these kajals. It is such a beautiful shade of purple. It is perfect as an eyeshadow, but it is too light to be an eyeliner.

Color: These kajals are all very glittery and the colors are beautiful. However, I didn't feel that these kajals were dark enough to wear as actual liners based on the color that it shows on the packaging, but they are actually darker than I expected. Since I did not think they would be dark enough, I applied them as eyeshadows rather than as eyeliners, and I am glad that I did because you need to layer them a lot to get a good color, and even then, shortly after applying them, they became more sheer and streaky, so they shouldn't be used as eyeliners; as eyeliners, the quality would be really poor, though the quality is not that great as eyeshadows either 😡.

Smell: The purple kajal had no smell; the silver kajal had a very slight barely noticeable incense smell, and the blue kajal had a strong crayon smell.

Final Thoughts: I'm going to be honest, these kajals are the poorest quality kajals that I have come across so far, so I am actually going to declutter them. The fact that you have to layer them so much, the product is so fragile and breakable, and they are streaky and apply unevenly, makes them poor quality, whether you use them as eyeshadows or as liners. Plus, they are suppose to function as eyeliners, but since they don't work as eyeliners, they really fail in terms of function and usability. Thus, I do not recommend these eyeliners. 

If you are interested in trying an herbal kajal liner that I recommend, you can find them here in my store.

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