Product Review: K-Beauty Korean Makeup Etude House Big Cover Concealer Kit

Today I will be doing the first of many concealer reviews. The concealer that I will be reviewing today is a K-beauty brand concealer: The Etude House Big Cover Concealer Kit. This concealer kit comes with three shades: The first is a pink brown shade (Pink Bisque 핑크 비스크) meant for the undereye; the second middle shade is a light pink beige shade (Vanilla 바닐라), and the last is a light mocha brown shade, which is the darkest shade on the far right (Sand 샌드)

Cost: $7-$10 depending on where you buy it.

Ingredients: This concealer kit is paraben-free, sulfate-free, alcohol-free, and cruelty-free. They are made with silica, glycerin, vitamin e, mica, fragrance, and other ingredients.

Packaging: This concealer kit has sturdy packaging that comes with a mirror and a small makeup brush to apply the concealers. I never use these kinds of brush applicators that come with most cosmetics though.

Formula: The formula for the last two concealers is quite dry so they are not meant for dry skin. These last two concealers are also not meant for the undereye area because they accentuate the lines in this area. So, these last two concealer shades are best for oily and normal skin, and for spot concealing on top of foundation. 

This first pink brown concealer is meant for the undereye area so its formula is on the dry side, but it is more creamy and a bit moisturizing; it is much less drying than the last two shades. Also, this shade did still show the lines underneath my eyes, but they were less noticeable with this product on them. 

Redness: The last two concealers are great for covering up the appearance of redness; I felt that they hid the redness in my skin excellently. The first pink brown shade has red in it, so it won't do as much for redness.

How These Concealers Cover Blemishes

First Red Shade

I am absolutely in love with this shade because it covers darkness underneath the eyes very well! This shade also works excellently as an eyeshadow base. I have used this shade every time I have done my makeup since I got it. I am likely going to hit pan on it soon though, so I will repurchase another one. I am so impressed with this shade that I am planning to try more of the Etude House concealers. 

Middle Light Brown Shade

Darkest Brown Shade On The Right

This shade is dryer than the lighter middle shade so it settles into fine lines; it settled into the lines underneath my eyes.

Coverage: Both of these last two concealer shades have good coverage, though the darker shade works better for me and gives me more coverage since my skin is very tan. Both of these concealers don't give 100% full coverage though; they give more of a medium coverage, so make sure that you pair these concealers with foundation.

Color: These concealers are quite white, but if you mix them with a darker foundation, or with one that matches your skin color, you will get excellent almost full coverage and the whiteness will disappear. 

Application: All of these concealers apply better with your fingers. I couldn't get nearly any real coverage using a beauty blender; the beauty blender just seemed to remove the product instead of allowing it to be layered, and it prevented me from getting more coverage.

Final Thoughts: I absolutely love this concealer kit, so I decided to get more concealers to try from Etude House. I will also list some of their concealers below for you all. 

My favorite most used shade is the red shade for dark circles, and then I mix the last two shades with my foundation to cover imperfections and spot conceal.

All-in-all, this concealer kit works excellently and it is easy for beginners to use as well, so I highly recommend giving the Etude House concealers a try.

Etude House Concealers On Amazon

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