Product Review: Natural Herbal VLCC Kajal Eyeliner

Today, I will be reviewing another natural herbal kajal eyeliner. The liner that I will be reviewing today is the VLCC kajal liner

Cost: Like most kajal eyeliners, these cost around $5-$6 a piece.

Ingredients: The new formula for the VLCC kajal eyeliners includes almond oil, camphor, triphala, and liquorice extract.

Application: This kajal is easy to apply and it went on top of eyeshadow fine. I did need to reapply it though where the eyeshadow touched it, but it went on top of the eyeshadow fairly smoothly. In addition, the thin narrow tip on this kajal makes it easy to control the line that you draw with it, and it makes applying this kajal fast and easy. 

Watery Eyes: This kajal holds up against watery eyes, since it applied just fine even in the inner corner while my eyes were watering.

Color: This kajal is a very dark black color and it is very pigmented in only one swipe. 

Smudgeproof: This kajal is not smudgeproof so you will need to smudgeproof it. 

Waterproof: This kajal does stay on once it gets wet. Once you have touch it though after it has dried again, it will smudge and the color will start to fade, but it does still remain adhered to the eye. Thus, you will lose pigmentation if it gets wet, but it doesn't completely disappear and fade. In fact, it is still quite pigmented even with some fading.

Packaging: The packaging on this kajal is pretty sturdy, but the top for it is a bit cheap so it will get cracks in it if you drop it. Mine has a large crack in it, but the packaging still works exactly the same as it did when I first purchased it. 

How This Kajal Looks On The Eyes

Removal: This kajal is really hard to remove; I couldn't even remove it with soap, water, and oil; a dark tint remained behind on my skin.

Final Thoughts: This is a very good quality kajal. It is more natural; it is a very dark pigmented black; it applies well on top of eyeshadow and at the inner corners, and the fine tip makes this kajal quick and easy to apply. Thus, I do recommend this kajal. 

If you are interested in trying an herbal kajal liner, you can find them here in my store. If you are interested in face stickers, fake nose studs/bindis (what is on my forehead in the photos) you can find them here. 

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