7 Tips For Healthier Teeth

Teeth are so important for our health. They are close to the brain, so any problems with our teeth, can lead to mental health problems, as well as problems in various parts of the body; after all, everything is connected to the human brain. So today, I will share 7 tips that will help you have healthier teeth, mental health, and body health.

Never Skip Flossing - The Importance of Flossing

We all have those days when we are just too exhausted to brush, so for those days, at least floss and use mouthwash. I consider flossing to be more vital than brushing. The reason for this is because toothbrushes can remove things like surface stains on the teeth, and some food particles. However, many food particles get stuck in between teeth, and toothbrushes can't remove them. These food particles can then rot and lead to infections, cavities, and mouth problems. 

You can see the importance of flossing with a simple test: Brush first, then floss afterwards. Then you will be able to see how much food remains in your mouth after brushing. The more food left in your mouth after brushing, the more bacteria and infections that can grow there.

Not All Toothbrushes Were Created Equal - Avoid Poor Quality Toothbrushes

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A lot of us believe that all toothbrushes pretty much work and do what they are suppose to do, but this is not always true. Most of the toothbrushes in the store are made in China, even the biggest brands like Colgate have toothbrushes made in China, so the quality of the toothbrushes will not always be good. So, if you buy a new toothbrush, and your mouth, teeth, or gums feel sensitive, uncomfortable, or hurt after using it, then throw it away immediately and buy another toothbrush.

Throw Away Toothbrushes Or Replace The Head Regularly 

Toothbrushes were not meant to last a long time. The bristles wear out on them, and the bacteria from your mouth can reach a point where they remain in the toothbrush, even after cleaning or washing it. Unfortunately, when bacteria builds up too much, simple washing is not enough to remove all the bacteria, so by replacing your toothbrushes regularly, you can help prevent reinfecting your teeth and gums with strong bacteria. 

In addition, whenever you have a major problem with your mouth, teeth, or gums, you should throw away the toothbrush, even if you only had it for a short time. For example, if you get a cavity filled, the toothbrush that you used before getting that cavity filled,  should be thrown away because the bacteria that caused the cavity is still likely in that toothbrush.

Drink Acidic Juices Through A Straw

Acidic juices such as lemons, grapefruit, tomatoes 🍅, and oranges, can be hard on the teeth since they can wear down the enamel. So if you are on a diet where you drink a lot of these juices daily or several times a week, you should only drink them through a straw so that they can not come into contact with your teeth, and create sensitivity and thinning.

Avoid Very Hard, Crunchy, & Sticky Foods - Never Bit Down On Hard Foods

Photo by Angele J from Pexels

Foods that are very hard to chew, such as sticky caramels, banana chips 🍌, or hard rice 🍘, should be avoided. The reason for this is because sticky foods can get stuck in between your teeth and toothbrushes and floss may not be able to remove them easily. This means that the remaining food particles can start to rot in between your teeth, and cause you problems. 

When it comes to very hard and crunchy foods, they can actually break your teeth and lead to chips in your teeth. So, you should never bite down on hard things like crab legs or hard shells to try to open them with your teeth. This can easily lead to cracked and chipped teeth.

Always Use Mouthwash

Mouthwash is very important for teeth because it can remove the food particles that get dislodged by your flosser, and thus, act similarly as oil pulling. The mouthwash will act as a vacuum when you swish it around in your mouth to pick up bacteria and cavity causing debris in between your teeth. The mouthwash will also act as medicine by getting into those small areas in between your teeth and clean them out where you can't reach with your toothbrush.

Never Brush For Long Periods Of Time
In the movies, they always show people brushing the same area again and again for a while, but this is terrible for your teeth. You should only brush/go over each section of teeth for only a few seconds, and then move on to the next section. Brushing every section on both your upper and lower teeth, should take no more than about 2 minutes. The reason for this is because brushing your teeth for too long can wear down the enamel, create sensitivity, and lead to thinning gums and teeth. Over brushing and brushing too frequently are some of the worst things that you can do for your teeth.


Our teeth are so important, and many of us make everyday mistakes when it comes to caring for them. There are also many misconceptions about how teeth work as well, which have helped to create a world full of teeth and health problems. So each day, to ensure optimum health, spend a little bit of time on your teeth; care for them closely and attentively, so that you can extend how long they last, and have better mental and physical health.

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