Dangers of Going Barefoot and Grounding Earthing - The Hard Cold Truth About Earthing, How To Ground & Meditate Safely

So many people are into grounding, and it is a way of life for many people. There are many truths about grounding that people are unaware of though, which I will address today. There is a safe way to ground, without exposing yourself to deadly diseases and illness, so I will teach you how to do this, as well as talk about the spirituality and health benefits of grounding/earthing.

The Ugly Truth About Grounding/Health Risks

The idea of grounding is beautiful. It is about oneness and connecting with the earth; it is about recharging your body and mind electrically through the electricity running through the earth. This is wonderful, but the way that people go about grounding today is often deadly and very harmful in terms of health. 

Walking barefoot on the earth is not wise for various reasons. The most obvious is that fleas and ticks live on the ground, in trees, and in the grass. Fleas can bite you, and ticks carry deadly diseases for both humans and animals. 

Diseases Carried By Ticks

1. Tickborne Relapsing Fever
2. Ehrlichiosis
3. Bourbon Virus
4. Borrelia Disease: Miyamotoi & Mayonii (This is similar to Lyme disease)
5. Lyme Disease
6. Protozoan Infections
7. Tickborne Flaviviruses
8. Tularemia
9. Colorado Tick Fever
10. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
11. Heartland Virus
12. Rickettsiosis
13. Southern Tick-Associated Rash Illness

Health Risks From Insect Bites & Feces

Photo by Syed Rajeeb from Pexels

Earthing also poses health risks from insects on the ground that bite, such as ants and spiders. Of course, there is also exposure to feces on the ground that may not be visible easily to the naked eye. Exposure to feces can then lead to any number of infections and diseases in the body, including hookworm, e.coli, roundworm, Toxoplasma, Giardia, Campylobacter, Ascaris, whipworm, and many other serious health problems.

Image source: "Walking Barefoot", The Travel Doctor

Photo by JJ Jordan from Pexels

In ancient civilizations where the people did not wear shoes, they died and looked old and aged much much faster than people in today's society. So, a simple way to help extend your youth, health, and natural beauty, is to avoid walking barefoot. You don't have to stop grounding though. There is a safe way to ground, which I will teach you about next. 

The Spirituality/Reasoning Behind Grounding: Safe Earthing

Grounding the way that people do today by being barefoot in the soil can result in death and serious illness and disease. However, there are safe ways to ground. Grounding is about connecting with the earth and nature, and becoming one with it. You can become one with anything without even touching it. 

Studies done on couples showed that their minds synced up, even when they were separated from each other and unable to physically touch each other. It is like how you feel connected to your baby growing inside of you, or inside of your spouse, despite not being able to physically touch the baby. Twins are like this too; they connected even when separated. Everyone can connect to others simply by thinking about them. Have you ever thought about someone out of the blue that you haven't talked to in years, and then suddenly, they call you a day or so later? This is the same thing; it is a mental connection.

When it comes to one's electrical charge, all humans are electrically charged, and when minds sync up, people's electrical brain waves sync up and connect. You can channel the electricity within your own body through your mind. You can then take this electrical energy, this current, and reach out to the earth with it. This will help to recharge you, to put you in a more positive mental state, and to help you reach a higher level of thinking and spirituality. 

Human beings are all capable of connecting to the earth, to nature, simply through our minds, our spirit, and our soul. The earth can be felt all around us if we open ourselves to it and expand our minds. Through meditating, you can feel things on a spiritual level, and channel the electricity within yourself and the earth. 

The Safe Way To Ground

If you want to ground safely, you can do so by wearing shoes. You can spray around your feet and shoes with a bug repellent or killer, something like the Natural Herbal Lotion, and then meditate in a field, prairie, beach, garden, or beside a lake or pool. 

If you wish to sit on the ground, then take a blanket or mat to sit on while you meditate, and spray the blanket with bug killer or repellent (or the Natural Herbal Lotion), before sitting down on it. This will help protect you from things like ticks and fleas that can move around and climb on clothing, cloths, and materials.


Grounding is very beautiful spiritually, and it really helps renew and recharge your mind and body, so definitely enjoy doing it; just make sure that you go about it safely, so that you can reap the full benefits of earthing, without facing any harmful consequences for your health.

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