Nail Polish Review: Wet N Wild Los Angeles Best of Mega Last Salon Color Nail Polish Collection - Christmas Colors & Glitter

Hello everyone! It feels like ages since I did a nail polish review, so today, I will finally do one! The nail polish that I will review today will be from the popular brand, Wet N Wild. The shades that I will review are from their popular Mega Last Salon Nail Color line.

Cost: These nail polishes are very inexpensive. I paid around $10 for the whole set of eight, but these are minis, and you don't get to pick the colors that you want since it is sold as a set. 

Packaging: There is a major downside with the packaging. I got these as part of a set, and this set is suppose to contain some of their best shades in this line. However, the packaging or the nail polish itself does not have the shade name on it, so I won't be able to find or repurchase the shades in this set that I like the most. 

I guess I would have to find the nail polish that I want by searching for this line and looking at similar colors. I could also just repurchase this whole set, but that also is inconvenient and not cost effective. Thus, I really wish that Wet N Wild would have at least put shade names on the packaging, if not on the nail polish bottle itself.

The Nail Polish Colors
Dark Forest 🌴Green Shade

I needed more than one coat to reach opacity with this shade. I used two coats to reach opacity. The formula for this shade is not watery, but not thick either. 

This shade was smooth and easy to apply, but it did not dry fast. This shade did not dry even after a really long time, so I had to apply a top coat on top of it. A few hours after applying the top coat to it, this polish still started to fall apart, so it is not a good quality nail polish. 

Light Lime Green Glitter 🎋 Shade

This is a light green shade with flecks of light and dark green glitter in it. This shade has a yellow undertone to it, and it is a unique color. Due to the color and formula of this nail polish, it became my favorite shade of the two. 

This color is also a great Christmas 🎅 color. It is also very pigmented in just one coat, though I did add a second coat as a rule of habit, and to get the color smooth and even more pigmented. This shade is also pigmented enough to be worn alone, or as a top coat. 

This nail polish dried quickly, unlike the first shade, so I am impressed with it, and I think that it is a great quality nail polish.

Here is how these nail polishes looked after wearing them for 4 days

Final Thoughts

Both of these nail polishes are beautiful shades. None of them have watery formulas, so they are easy to work with and apply. Since the formulas seem to vary from shade to shade in this line though, the nail polishes that you get in this line by Wet N Wild will likely be a hit or miss. 

Considering how inexpensive the Wet N Wild nail polishes are though, and how many you get in a set, they are not bad. Even if you were to throw away 2 or 3 polishes in each set, you still get quite a few good ones for the price. 

I will chuck the dark green shade in the bin since it did not wear well, even with a top coat, but the lime glittery shade is definitely a keeper for me. So do I recommend these nail polishes? Yes, I do. I think that the Wet N Wild nail polishes are worth a try for the price.

Have you tried any of the Wet N Wild nail polishes? What did you think of them?

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