2019 U.S. & Worldwide Global Food Recalls & Contaminated Pet Foods - Have A Safer Thanksgiving This Year

Happy holiday everyone! Tomorrow is the long-awaited Thanksgiving! Many of you will likely be out and about today buying foods and groceries in preparation for the meals you will prepare for friends, family, and guests on Thanksgiving Day. So, in order to help your Thanksgiving holiday go more smoothly, we will share with you all some important recalled foods for this year, 2019. 

One of the worst possible endings for the holiday would be for you and your loved ones to come down with food poisoning because you unknowingly bought food that contained bacteria that made you all sick. Unfortunately, the list of recalled foods is very long this year, so here are the most important ones that you all need to know about this year.

Worldwide Recalls

1. Sweden: Organic tomatoes - Salmonella

2. Frozen tuna from Vietnam - Scombroid/Scombrotoxin Fish Poisoning

3. Sushi in Chile - Salmonella
Pork tongue in jelly in France - Listeria

4. Shellfish in Norway - E.coli & Heavy Metals

5. Worldwide listeria epidemic: A family lost their newborn baby to the listeria epidemic, which is still ongoing:

"The listeriosis outbreak began at the start of 2017 and ended in September 2018 with 1,065 confirmed cases and 218 deaths. It was traced in March 2018 to a ready-to-eat processed meat product called polony made at a plant in Polokwane run by Enterprise Foods, which is owned by Tiger Brands" ("Parents recall tragedy of losing baby due to listeriosis", 2019, Joe Whitworth, FSN/Food Safety News).

6. Listeria in Germany in foods from Wilke Waldecker Fleisch- und Wurstwaren company

"Between May 2018 and May 2019, Listeria monocytogenes was found in seven of 131 product samples examined by Wilke so the company told authorities it had strengthened hygiene controls" ("German officials admit mistakes in Listeria outbreak", 2019, Joe Whitworth, FSN/Food Safety News).

7. Listeria outbreak in China

"The study reported 562 infections during 2011 to 2017 compared to a previous analysis which identified 229 cases between 1964 and 2010" ("Study finds underestimation of listeriosis in China", 2019, News Desk, FSN/Food Safety News). 

8. Sweden: Crayfish - Salmonella
9. Chicken - Campylobacter

"Campylobacter is one of the top causes of acute bacterial gastroenteritis in high, low, and middle income countries. The number of confirmed cases has continued to increase across the European Union from 214,000 in 2013 to 246,000 in 2016 and 2017" ("Review supports poultry as being major source of Campylobacter", 2019, News Desk, FSN/Food Safety News). 

10. Austrian meat: "Beef and pork from Austria that is suspected to be unfit to eat has been distributed to 10 other countries" ("Austrian company sent questionable meat to other EU countries", 2019, Joe Whitworth, FSN/Food Safety News).

11. Lobster and crab sold in jars in brine from Quebec & New Brunswick - Botulism

12. Salmonella outbreak in the UK

"The United Kingdom has been hit hardest in a multi-country outbreak of Salmonella that has affected nearly 200 people" ("UK bears brunt of multi-country Salmonella outbreak", 2019, Joe Whitworth, FSN/Food Safety News). 

13. Salmonella infections in Ireland from traveling abroad

U.S. Recalls

👉 Avoid buying groceries from Whole Foods Market, as well as raw vegetables (in particular lettuce/salad and broccoli), fresh apples, and chicken salads and sandwiches this Thanksgiving due to numerous ones being contaminated with listeria; too many of these products have been recalled for listeria to list them. The FDA has given a general warning for all raw veggies, as well as foods and drinks from Whole Foods Market 👈

1. Missa Bay salad products - E.coli
2. Flour - E.coli
3. Nabisco cheese nips - Plastic
4. Quest beef cat food - Salmonella

5. Breakstone’s cottage cheese - Plastic & Metal

6. Natural Grocers organic soybeans - Mold

7. Fresh Seasons Kitchen veggies and cauliflower - Listeria

8. Crazy Fresh, Quick & Easy fresh vegetables - Listeria

9. Mill Stream Corp. smoked salmon - Clostridium Botulinum

10. Fresh basil from Siga Logistics de RL de CV of Morelos, Mexico - Cyclospora Infections

"In 2019, multiple outbreaks of cyclosporiasis were identified and found to be linked to different produce items...About 10 percent of ill people were associated with a multistate outbreak of Cyclospora infections linked to fresh basil imported from Siga Logistics de RL de CV of Morelos, Mexico. As of Nov. 13, the most recent data shows 2,408 laboratory confirmed cases of cyclosporiasis were reported to the CDC by 37 states, District of Columbia, and New York City. The patients in that count became ill from May 1 to Aug. 31" ("U.S. cyclospora infections increasing; fresh produce behind many cases", 2019, News Desk, FSN/Food Safety News).

11. Stir fry blends - Listeria
12. Wegmans vegetable blends - Listeria
13. CAPITAN K salmon - Listeria
14. Dorset cheese - Listeria

15. Dole baby spinach - Salmonella

16. Meijer vegetables and broccoli florets - Listeria

17. Nestle cookie dough - Rubber Pieces
18. Johnson’s baby powder - Asbestos

19. Aria Apetina Marinated Feta & Olives in Oil, Pitted - Clostridium Botulinum

20. Season’s Choice, Raley’s frozen raspberries & berry mixes - Hepatitis A

21. Cornerstone frozen blackberries - Norovirus

22. The Milk Lady’s, Peaceful Baby, and Diges-Tea - Salmonella

23. Entenmann’s chocolate chip cookies - Plastic Pieces

24. Great Value, HEB taco seasoning products - Salmonella

25. Pet treats pig ears - Salmonella
26. Hummus - Listeria

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