5 Methods, Day & Night Routines To Help Reduce Acne And Reduce The Length and Frequency Of Breakouts

We all suffer from acne sometimes, even the healthiest of us. After all, acne is very contagious and we are constantly being bombarded with germs and parasites that can cause rashes, Rosacea, pimples, zits, Eczema, and many other skin conditions. 

"Most acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads are caused by parasites living on the human face and body.  Getting rid of the parasites by using natural topical treatments can stop acne in 3-4 months" ("Human Parasites Cause Acne, Pimples, Blackheads & Whiteheads? Yuck!", 2015, Vex Dex, Cision PR Newswire). 

Many Americans choose not to believe that Americans have parasites. There was a lie going around for a long time that parasites are only something that people in underdeveloped developing countries get. These days though, people are wiser, and recognize this lie for what it is. 

"Parasites aren't just a problem for people living in developing nations. A growing body of evidence suggests well over 60 million Americans now have at least one kind of parasite inside their guts...and most people don't even know they're infected! Parasitic infections can cause a whole host of problems including chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and mineral depletion" ("The Problem with Parasites & Why You Should Know About Them", The Pearl Day Spa).

Understanding that acne is caused by parasites is one of the first steps needed to start improving and reducing it. So naturally, to get rid of pimples and to reduce breakouts, you must start killing the parasites that can cause it. Thus today, I will teach you 5 methods to add to your daily and nightly routine to help you kill the parasites in your face, which will help you get rid of breakouts, and prevent how frequently and intensely they occur.

Method 1: Face Mask & Natural Herbal Lotion

The perfect at home spa treatment would not be complete without a face mask. Natural face masks are easily accessible in drugstores, grocery stores, and places like CVS and Walgreens. Some are even gentle enough to sleep in. Different face masks focus on different things; some for acne are made with clay, while others, focus on moisturizing dry skin, such as lavender, sea salt, and enzyme face masks. 

Mixing the Natural Herbal Lotion with a clay-based face mask will help suck out the bacteria in your face that is causing the acne. This will shrivel up pimples immediately as well, so you can reduce the size of pimples in just one treatment. 

Method 2: Face Scrub

We often treat our faces regularly for acne, rashes, germs and bacteria. However, most of the time, our soaps are not strong enough to remove the dead skin cells and dead bacteria that remains on our skin after intense face treatments. This can then create dull-looking skin, so you should focus on maintaining a balance. Rather than just killing bacteria day in and day out, you should also remove the dead bacteria and parasites from your pores and the surface of your skin. Removing them can make your skin look younger, more vibrant, and healthier. The way to do this, is by using a face scrub on your skin at least twice a week. 

Method 3: Toner

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

After washing your face with soap and water, some bacteria still remains. Soap does not kill all germs. There is also a lie going around that water alone kills germs. If this were true, we would not have water-borne illnesses. There would also be no news stories about contaminated tap water making people sick or contaminating brain-eating amoebas. 

Article Source: Published 2018, Written By Hannah Rodriguez, Medicalxpress

Thus, water and soap alone are not enough to kill germs, in fact, both of these can carry germs and make you worse sometimes.

"Is soap always clean? This may be disappointing to diehard germaphobes, but it's possible for soap to be crawling with bacteria as much as anything else. If you're storing your soap improperly, such as leaving it in a wet puddle on the edge of your sink, it gives bacteria a fertile place to multiply. When you use it, you basically wind up transferring germs from the soap directly to your hands" ("Soap: How Much Cleaner Does It Actually Make Your Hands?", 2012, Brian Fung, The Atlantic).

"In a thorough study of soap contamination, one team of U.S. researchers found that even among test subjects with great handwashing technique -- more on that in a minute -- soap that was already contaminated wound up increasing the number of bacteria on the subjects' hands after washing. The scientists tested three types of soap dispenser, in both lab and real-world settings. Of the three variants, the dispensers that were refillable from a giant bottle of liquid soap were by far the filthiest, leading to a 26-fold increase in handwashers' bacteria levels" ("Soap: How Much Cleaner Does It Actually Make Your Hands?", 2012, Brian Fung, The Atlantic).

Since soap and water are not enough, I always clean my skin with a face toner after washing my face. Sometimes, when I want to save time or skip a step in my daily get ready routine, I will use the Natural Herbal Lotion as my toner. I apply this product by mixing it with water on a cotton ball, and then run it over my skin in circular motions until the cotton ball feels mostly dry. 

Method 4: Natural Herb Lotion As A Face Serum Before Applying Makeup

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

After cleaning my face with soap, water, and toner, I then apply an astringent to my face underneath my makeup to protect my face from germs and bacteria throughout the day. The product that I use for this is the Natural Herbal Lotion. The way that I apply this product is by mixing it with water, and then applying it to my skin the same way that I would a skin moisturizer. I wait a few seconds for my skin to dry, and then I apply my makeup in my normal beauty routine. 

After finishing school or work, it is then time to get ready for bed. Bedtime is when most people spend time treating their skin and acne, so after removing my makeup with oil, I then wash my face with soap and water before bed. I then clean my face with toner, and then I mix the Rose Beauty Cream with a little of the Natural Herbal Lotion. I put this mixture on my face, and then I leave it on my skin while I sleep. This allows these two products to work for hours while my pores are open, so that any acne on my face will look better in the morning. 


We live in a work where parasites overtake us, both humans and animals. Parasites lead to sicknesses, skin problems, and even death sometimes. They can steal our youth, energy, and beauty. So in order to live healthy lives, and have beautiful vibrant healthy-looking skin, we must also be proactive about killing germs and bacteria that settle into our skin and bodies. 

Having a good day and night routine can make your skin look better even without makeup, so choosing the best routine that works for you and which gives you the best results, will help lead you down the path to beautiful-looking skin. 

Which of these routines do you like the most?

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