Cosmetic Product Review: Dermablend Professional Leg and Body Foundation Makeup - Makeup For Women & Men

Hi everyone! Today, I will review something that is a little different from a traditional foundation. The product that I will review today is body makeup. This body makeup has great coverage and it is designed for the face, as well as for the skin on other parts of your body that need something covered up, such as a tattoos, scars, veins, varicose veins, birthmarks, dark knees and elbows, stretch marks, bruises, and age spots. 

Leg and body foundation can also be used for blending the neck and chest with your face makeup. Both women and men have a use for this kind of product.

The Makeup that I will review today is the Dermablend Professional Leg and Body Makeup.

Cost: $16-$35, depending on where you buy it.

Shades: This foundation comes in 12 shades. One thing that I really appreciate about this foundation is that there is an equal number of light and tan darker shades. There are 6 light and 6 dark shades. The tan darker shades are: Medium Golden, Medium Bronze, Tan Honey, Tan Golden, Deep Golden, and Deep Natural

The shade that I bought is Medium Golden. This shade is way too light for my skin tone, but it looked similar to my skin tone online, so the shades that you see online aren't very accurate. Thus, when picking this foundation, definitely choose a shade or two darker than the one that you think looks most like your skin tone. 

How This Foundation Looks On My Skin

One great thing about this foundation is that it is waterproof, and that it adheres to the skin like a BB cream or a CC cream does. This makes this foundation a great one to mix with other foundations to make them adhere better to the skin, and to help your makeup last longer, even if it gets wet. 

Whiteheads: One downside to this foundation is that it will settle into the whiteheads on the nose. 

Formula: This foundation has a thick cream-like consistency. 

Dark Circles: This foundation did reduce the appearance of dark circles. 

Redness: This foundation did cover redness nicely.

Coverage: This foundation gave me medium coverage, and you can layer it for even more coverage. I did get more coverage when I applied this foundation with my fingers, rather than with a beauty blender.

Color/White Cast: This foundation is too white on my skin, and it leaves a white cast in bright lighting, but I think that if I got the right shade, this would not be a problem. 

Eye Area: This foundation did not settle into the lines underneath my eyes when I applied it with a beauty blender. 

Dry Skin: This foundation did not settle into the dry areas on my skin when applied with a beauty blender. 

Application: This foundation is a bit of work to blend with your fingers. When I applied it with my fingers, it did settle into the dry patches on my skin and it showed the lines underneath my eyes. However, when I applied this foundation with a beauty blender, my skin looked smoother, it had a glow, and it looked youthful and brighter. So, it is best to apply this foundation with a beauty blender, since fingers don't blend out the thick formula enough.

Wear/Oiliness: This foundation did get oily after a while, so make sure that you set it with powder. When I mixed it with another foundation though, it didn't get oily; it was perfect.

Final Thoughts

I definitely will repurchase this foundation again because it works perfectly when mixed with another foundation. I can also use it to lighten foundations that are too dark, and it doesn't budge when it gets wet, even if you thin the formula with another foundation. When I mix this foundation with another, it makes the foundation sit more like a bb or cc cream, so it adheres well and doesn't move around on your face. Thus, I definitely want another one of these foundation, I especially want to try it in a darker shade.

I became sold on this foundation when I went to the dentist for a cleaning with this foundation on, and no matter how many times they wet me and wiped my face with a tissue, the foundation did not show up on the napkin. So, for this reason alone, I definitely think that this is a foundation to keep on hand for occasions like this, or bad weather (snow and rain), or when going swimming. Thus, I highly recommend this foundation; it is definitely one of the best quality foundations in my collection currently.

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