Lip Product Review Ruj Ürün Yorumu Farmasi: Turkish True Color Lipsticks Türk kadının Makyaj ve Kozmetik - 50% Off Coupon Code Available Senin Için Bedava Bir Kupon Var

Herkese merhaba! Nasılsınız? Hi everyone! How are you today? Today is a bit special because this is the second lipstick review that I have ever done on my blog. I am planning to start doing a lot more of these kind of reviews starting next year, so this is part of my New Year resolution. I can't wait to do more 😏!

The first lipstick review that I did here on my website was for Korean makeup, so for this review, I will review some Turkish lipsticks that I was sent to try out. One of the reasons that I am getting into Turkish makeup is because they are very big on organic and natural products and foods. Most countries sell a lot of non-organic foods and products, but Turks do a lot of DIY beauty routines using natural and organic ingredients. Thus, I trust their products to not be as harmful as some others on the market, and to be safe for sensitive skin like mine.

The Turkish lipsticks that I will review today are by the brand Farmasi. I will review their True Color Lipsticks.

Cost/Fiyatı Nedir? About $13 each.

Ingredients/Içerik: These lipsticks are made with vitamin e, and they contain a small ingredient list of about 19 ingredients. Here is a picture of the full ingredient list:

Where Are They Made? Nereden Yapılıyordu? These pigments are made by the Turkish brand, Farmasi, which is in Istanbul Turkey/Istanbul Türkiye'de üretilmiş

Cruelty-Free/Hayvanlara Eziyetten? Farmasi supports animal rights and ethical treatment. 

I received two Turkish lipsticks in this line. Shades 10 and 11, renk on ve renk on bir.


How These Lipsticks Look On My Lips/Review? Bana Nasıl Görünüyorlar?

Both of these lipsticks are very pigmented and they are beautiful, çok güzeller. These lipsticks don't get on the teeth as much as other moisturizing lipsticks I have tried, since they adhere well to the lips. These lipsticks are also easy and smooth to apply, and the moisturizing formula is great for dry lips. 

Since these lipsticks are very moisturizing, they help to hide fine lines and dryness in the lips very well. I really like how these lipsticks feel, and how shiny they look on the lips. 

Shade 10/Renk On: This is a dark sexy vampire red color without the flash. With the flash, it is lighter in color, and looks more like a tomato red color with undertones of pink. This shade has great pigmentation, and it leaves a strong tint behind, so it is long-lasting.

Shade 11/Renk On Bir: Without the flash, this shade looks like a dark purple red color. With flash, it is more of a burgundy dark fuchsia color. This shade doesn't leave a strong tint behind like shade 10 does, so you should reapply it after eating.

Smell/Bana Ne Kokusu Gibi Geldi? I am not sure how to describe the scent, but I feel that it is a light candy kind of smell, tıpkı şeker gibi kokuyor.

Transfer-Proof: These lipsticks are not transfer-proof. 

Final Thoughts/Benim Düşüncelerim

I really like these lipsticks, bu rujları severim. Even when my lips are at their driest, these lipsticks help to hide it, and moisturize them, so that my lips feel more comfortable. I also love the small ingredient list, the pigmentation, and the look of these lipsticks. Both of them suit my skin tone nicely too. Thus, I have no complaints about these lipsticks, so I do definitely recommend them. 

The Farmasi lipsticks are a great gift to buy for yourself or a friend for the holiday, especially since they are having a 50% off sale on them. The coupon code for this sale is below for you guys 😏. I will try to get more discounts like this for you guys in the future!

Where To Buy Them? Nereden Alıyorsunuz?

Turkish makeup has just recently started entering the U.S. market, so there are not many sellers selling it just yet, but here are the details for the seller that sent these to me. She sells a lot of different makeup from Farmasi:

Tonya Johnston Blanton
👉 Farmasi products on Ebay here
Click here for her website 💻

Farmasi Holiday Special Deal
Code: BOGO 50%, OFF 
              BUY 2 GET 1 FREE

This special is for similar items. You can mix and match different colors/shades.

Special can be used for all Farmasi products found in the catalog.

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