To Tree Or Not To Tree This Year? Benefits and Dangers of Real Vs Fake Artificial Christmas Trees

Hello everyone! Happy holiday! It is very close to Christmas 🎅 now, so some of you may be considering running out to get a Christmas tree 🎄, if you do not have one already. Christmas trees are one of the highlights of Christmas time ⛄. They are special, just like the holiday they are named after. 

These days, not everyone wants the same kind of Christmas tree. Some prefer artificial trees over real ones. Is one better than the other? Well, you can decide for yourself which is best for you based on the benefits and downsides of a both, which I will teach you about today!

Real Christmas Trees

When most people think of Christmas, they think about getting a real Christmas tree, but there are far more downsides to getting a real tree, compared to a fake one. Here are three issues that arise when you get a real Christmas tree.

Hurts The Environment & Steals Animals' Homes

The most obvious issue is that you are harming the environment by getting a real tree. Trees are alive, just as flowers are. When you get a real Christmas tree, you are killing a living creature, which takes 30 years to grow to full size in warm regions, and hundreds of years in colder places.  

We kill this tree for one day or a mere week because of our own selfish interests. Furthermore, every tree that gets cut down, takes away from an animal's natural habitat, since animals and insects live inside of these trees; they also lay their eggs in them, so this leads to our next problem: bugs.

Bugs Come Out of Real Trees

When you cut down a tree and take it home, you are taking in everything that lives in that tree into your home pristine home. Every spider, lice, tick, flea, fly, and every other creepy crawly that you can imagine is inside of that tree. Once the tree gets out of the cold and into your warm home, the bugs that were hibernating wake up, and they enter your home, and start reproducing.

"Up to 25,000 bugs are living in a single Christmas tree, according to Safer Brands. Since tree bugs go dormant during the cold months, you probably won't notice them at first...Once the tree is inside your home, however, the warm temperature will wake them up, causing them to move" ("Thousands of Christmas Tree Bugs May Be Living In Your Real Tree — Here's How to Get Rid of Them", 2019, Amanda Garrity,

Christmas trees increase the number of spiders in your harm tremendously, so Christmas time is when people tend to get a lot of bug bites and rashes. This is something to be careful about, especially if you have children.

Both Real and Fake Trees Catch Fire

A lot of people do not realize that a real Christmas tree can catch fire, just like a fake tree can. Forest fires are a real thing; trees burn easily and quickly, so fire on a tree can get out of control fast. Even if you don't decorate your Christmas tree with lights that you need to plug in, fire near a tree alone is enough to make it a fire hazard. 

Having children in the home further increases the chances of a fire because they spill things all the time and they get into things that they should not. Children also get up in the middle of the night sometimes, so you should consider the age of the children in your home, as well as their habits, before buying a real or a fake artificial Christmas Tree. 

Fake Trees

Fake trees have a lot of obvious benefits. The first is that they are bug-free (Who does not love this 😊!). The second is that you can get a small or a large tree, if you are conscientious about your ecological footprint. In addition, you can reuse this tree again and again every year, so you save a lot of money on this tree, and you are less wasteful. 

The third benefit to a fake artificial Christmas tree is that you are not taking from an animal's natural habitat. You are also not killing a living creature. 

Lastly, the final benefit is that there is a lot less mess to clean up with an artificial tree, since you don't have to worry about cleaning up the pines and bark that fall off of the tree as it dries out and dies.

Real Or Artificial, Which Is Best?

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels

Personally, I feel that artificial trees are best. You create much less waste over the years with them; they are cleaner for the home and safer for children, since bugs are not brought in that could bite the kids; you are not harming a living thing, and there is no mess.

If you do get an artificial Christmas tree, you should not get a pre-lit Christmas tree because of recalls. So, it is safer to decorate the tree yourself with lights that you got on your own. You could even avoid lights all together and just decorate your Christmas tree with other ornaments. 

 "Pre-lit artificial trees have been recalled before, so make sure you're tree hasn't been recalled before using it. Even if not recalled, pre-lit artificial trees can pose electrical shock hazards and fire risks from exposed wiring, wiring that is too short, or cords that aren't plugged in completely" ("Live Versus Artificial Christmas Trees: Here's What You Should Know to Lower Your Fire Risk", 2019, North Carolina Consumers Council). 


The Holidays are here and perhaps you are disappointed in what you learned about real Christmas trees, but you can still enjoy this wondrous holiday and be safe, despite these things! There are many health risks and dangers in the world today, but there are just as many safer alternatives. A long healthy life is all about these alternatives, so enjoy your holiday to the fullest, and have a wonderful safe and merry Christmas!

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