2019 Halloween Night Out October 31st At The Park At 14th - The Life of An Event Organizer

Halloween in 2019 was crazy! Many people celebrated it two weeks in a row, and some people went out that Friday and Saturday after Halloween as well. I celebrated Halloween the weekend before it, and then again on Halloween day. 

My friend Anya and another girl who joined us on Halloween day, named Maykayla, went out again the day after Halloween to celebrate the holiday some more. Unfortunately, I was still exhausted from going out on Halloween day, and I still was not feeling well after the food poisoning that I got the weekend before Halloween, so I bailed on that outing. 

Halloween day though was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed seeing all the unique costumes that people wore and how restaurants and bars decorated for the holiday. Anya also chose a great place for us to celebrate the holiday; she chose The Park at 14th. 

The Park is a nightclub that I have gone to many times before in the past. It is always crowded with several full floors and people dressed to death. It is a really class club. 

For the Halloween holiday, The Park was really fully decked out; they decorated the ceilings and even the drinks came in special blood bags; the kind of thing that a sophisticated vampire would drink blood out of lol 😫!

The get together that I organized at The Park brought out about 6 people. We met one person, Maykayla, while waiting in line to get into The Park. Anya and I really hit it off with her, so she joined our posse the entire night. We also stayed in touch with Maykayla even after Halloween through social media. 

While at The Park, we explored all of their floors, and we favored one or two of them. It was these floors that we stayed on most of the night. Each floor of The Park played different music with a good DJ on each one, but some of the floors were just too crowded to stay on comfortably. One floor was so crowded, that we couldn't even move, let alone dance, so we left that floor for a less crowded one.

Towards the end of the night as it got really late and close to closing time, the guys all left before us girls around the same time to go home. I started to feel tired and my stomach started to bother me again at that time, so I left with one of the guys, Jonathan. Jonathan gave me a ride to a place where I could get some food, and then I could catch a cab home. The evening went perfectly until this. 

When Jonathan dropped me off, I experienced something that I never experienced before in all the years that I have been in DC. I had heard stories about the cab drivers in DC refusing to pick up passengers or discriminating against who they pick up and who they don't, but I never personally experienced it myself until this night.

Apparently, I was in an area where cab drivers did this; they refused to pick up riders late at night. I watched many people approach the cab drivers only to be refused. Each cab that I approached refused me as well. They would not pick up the people in this area late at night even though they had no riders or scheduled pickups. Perhaps they were afraid because of crime in the area at night, but either way, I ended up stranded for about two hours because of this. 

Lyft and Uber had surge prices that made the short trip home almost $80 as well, when it is normally only $25, so I refused to pay that. So in the end, I decided to stay at the Mcdonald's in the area until the surge prices went down and I could get a cab to take me home. Surge prices stayed high for a long time thanks to the holiday, so I ended up finally getting a cab and getting home two hours after my friends did. 

Anya was great about staying up and waiting for me to get home safely before crashing. My roommate was also waiting for me, so despite the stress of being stranded for two hours, I did get home safely and I had a lot of support from my friends, so everything worked out 😊!

How was your Halloween in 2019? How did you celebrate?


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