2019 Thanksgiving Holiday Dinner Celebration

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Thanksgiving is such a big holiday with people traveling sometimes for two weeks to visit family members, feast, and pig out on all manner of sweets and desserts. I rarely indulge myself with things like ice cream or cupcakes as much as I love them, but only around the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday, do I allow myself to indulge in my sweet tooth. 

This year for Thanksgiving, I did something simple. I spent Thanksgiving with my roommate, and I pigged out on so much food and sweets! I ordered shakes and many fattening foods this year for Thanksgiving. 

I am very careful and health conscientious about what I eat, but twice a year, I let go and just enjoy eating something new and different. So this year, for Thanksgiving dinner, I went to a restaurant that I have never gone to before for a holiday dinner; I went to Ihop

In truth, I have gone to Ihop from time-to-time for their special pancakes, especially on free pancake day. I can count on one hand though how many times I have eaten at Ihop in recent years, so in 2019, to be spontaneous and do something different, I dragged my roommate with me and we ordered a lot of food from Ihop for Thanksgiving.

The dinner at Ihop was actually excellent! It definitely wasn't the healthiest, but it was very flavorful and I really enjoyed it a lot! I ordered a wide variety of foods for the holiday including, garlic bread, mashed potatoes, buttered corn, turkey, spinach, cranberry sauce, and stuffing with gravy.

To fulfill my sweet tooth, I ordered a cold brew frozen blended coffee shake. My roommate ordered their pumpkin pancakes, and I ordered their special holiday pancakes

I can't see myself eating so unhealthily often, but it was nice to fully enjoy myself and eat delicious food for the holiday. I also did not get sick from the food that I ordered at Ihop, so I honestly can see myself eating there again on another holiday 😤!

How was your Thanksgiving? What did you do to celebrate the holiday?


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