2019 Weekend Before Halloween - Night Out In Adams Morgan & Dupont Circle Bar Crawl - Life of An Event Organizer

The weekend before Halloween, I organized an event for a  Halloween night out! The event was kind of last minute, but a good number of people came out regardless! Five of us got together to participate in a special DC bar crawl for the weekend before Halloween. 

To celebrate this year, I decided to dress up in a Japanese anime-themed yukata paired with kanzashi (a long Japanese hair pin accessory) and an anime-themed double-sided wooden hand fan with 2 different anime images on the back and front.

The ticket that we paid for the bar crawl would get us into 12 different bars and clubs. The bar crawl actually started really early in the day at 1 pm; it went until midnight, but you could go back into any club that you got into before midnight for the bar crawl for free to party until that bar or club closed at about 2:30 or 3 am. 

1 pm was far too early of a start for me and the people that I got together for the event, so my friend Anya and I started the bar crawl together at 10 pm, and then others trickled in and met up with us later throughout the night. We only made it to about three of the bars in the bar crawl before midnight. We made it to City Tap House, Tokyo Pearl, and Decades/Rewind

Decades was the last place that we went to for the bar crawl before it hit midnight. After midnight though, we got hungry so we went to eat some Peruvian chicken and Mexican-style rice across the street. Unfortunately, because so many people were ordering in that restaurant for the week before Halloween weekend bar crawl, the restaurant was too focused on getting food out as quickly as possible to all the many customers that crowded the place. As a result, the chicken was not fully cooked, and I ended up waking up the following morning very sick because it felt like a knife was going through my stomach. My stomach had also swelled to three times its size.

When I went to an emergency clinic, the doctor diagnosed me with Gastroenteritis. He said I likely ate a bug, so I was bedridden for a few days. The side effects actually lasted a few weeks after this weekend though, because it took weeks for my stomach to go back to its original size. Fortunately, my stomach pain and diarrhea did not start until my Halloween night was over, so it didn't spoil the rest of the night for me. 

After we ate this food that I would regret in the morning, we hopped into a cab and went to Adams Morgan to finish up the night. We went to two clubs in Adams Morgan. We went to Grand Central and then to Madam's Organ. Madam's Organ was so much fun! I always love this place, and Anya loved it as well, so we finished up the night with two hours of dancing here.

Anya made friends with the bouncer at Madam's Organ so we had a lot of fun with the bouncer him. Even now, when we go back to Madam's Organ together, we feel quite special since the bouncer gives us so much extra special attention 😉!

Once we got tired from all the drinks and dancing, we left Madam's Organ to go eat at the pizza place next door. Afterwards, we called a cab and went home together. After such a crazy night, I went home, took a nice bath, and crashed! My poor feet got propped up on a nice thick pillow from all that dancing, and I slept like a baby 👶!

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